Vedic Maths part 1.avi

This session will help you in understanding the various shortcuts for doing big calculation.You can easily find the squares of large using simple techniques of Vedic Maths. These techniques can be applied to clear various aptitude based competitive exams like CAT,CSAT-IAS,MAT,CLAT,BANK PO/CLERICAL,GRE,GMAT,MCA etc.

13 thoughts on “Vedic Maths part 1.avi

  1. look very interesting but unfortunately without the understanding of hindi sound so confusing , please use the english language as well for those who do not understand hindi

  2. thanks a lot…>>>  appreciate your efforts Sir..>> eager to learn more from you..
    you have used hindi language so it becomes more class experience…>>
    God Bless you ……

  3. im from england and i find vedic maths very simple,i understand it all and maths just got easier for me however my friend would also like to learn from your videos but she cant because she dosnt speak the laguage u use. would you please upload a video in english so she can also use it to revise. thankyou.

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