27 thoughts on “Vedic Maths – be human calculators-magical multiplication

  1. sir wat abt multiplying a number whose digits are greater than d number of 9′s digit?? lik  1234 x 999….. i suppose we shud subtract the negative number from d last 4th digit…?

  2. sir, first of all let me thank u for opening a new world of mathematics to me.till yesterday maths was a nightmare to me ,but ur method for doing all in a simple way gave me courage to face any type of multiplication .once more thank u sir thank u

  3. works for small numbers, i do this many times and not for just nine either. do the same for or 7 too, but when you encounter very large numbers, its either a calc or the trick.

  4. I think it’s easier if you have, x * 9
    change the 9 to a ten, so you get, x + 10
    then just subtract x, x * 10 – x
    this way, it still works if x > 9.

  5. When yo have more 9′s than the number of digits in the first number [your example 52] you just copy those extra nine’s to the result before starting to do the subtraction from 9′s.
    52*999 -> 51 [52-1] 9 [one extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 51948
    52*9999 -> 51 [52-1] 99 [two extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 519948
    52*99999 -> 51 [52-1] 999 [three extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 5199948

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