Vedic Mathematics: My Trip to India to Uncover the Truth – Alex Bellos

One day on YouTube, Alex Bellos saw a video of an amazing mathematical “trick”. He wanted to know more about this ‘Vedic Mathematics’, so he got on a plane to India. This is a lecture about his journey that touched on mathematics, mysticism, Indian history, nationalism and culture. The transcript and downloadable versions of the full conference are available from the on the Gresham College website: GreshamCollege has been giving free public lectures since 1597. This tradition continues today with all of our five or so public lectures a week being made available for free download from our website.

25 thoughts on “Vedic Mathematics: My Trip to India to Uncover the Truth – Alex Bellos

  1. British sending their agents as usual to poopoo Indian knowledge, pretending as if they respect it and then finally giving an expert verdict that it is trivial. That too from some one who cannot even add properly. Another “Indo-phile” shill of British empire.

  2. I dont know why every lecturer talking about this kind of superior knowledge seems like they are trying to hide something. I guess theres something magical that they dont want people to know it.

  3. Funny how no one has commented on the fact that the term ‘Hindu’ is not found in the Vedic literature, and there really isn’t any ‘Hindu’ religion, but a massive set of disparate religious sects.

  4. They have Jantar Mantar Sun Dial which is very accurate. just type it and see it. They had technique to forge a very long iron rod in a single forging. It is located in New delhi. It is rust free. Even today so called western world can not make it easily. When British came to India, India was the only richest nation on this earth by that time. For 4000 years it had no arch rival.

  5. we had toilets in harappa. Learn something about civil engineering which originated and far developed in India. Type in Google a word Grand Aniket. It is the biggest dam ever made 2000 years before in a most scientific ways and is still working. Indians have built superstructures which work for 2000 years.You bullshit westners have stolen a dam technology from there, tilet technology from Harappa, In 13th centuri you had no numbers dude. Indians had those all things.

  6. @rohan newaskar see that kind of a mindset hating everything you cant identify with your self is the root of all problems the humanity face today. i really wish you would think outside the box and stop being narrowminded

  7. and what is first world ….. ???? the economy built on war , prostitution ,drugs ….and exploitation of other poor and peaceful countries ..i laugh at those fearing alien and living in the world called illusion .. PEACE !!

  8. when did i claim that all western discovery is indian.i have commented on ancient discoveries.which of my claims among those discoveries are wrong?? can u find any evidence?NO..i agree that the credit goes to the westeners abt modern science in which indians have also contributed abundantly…did i claim india 2b superpwr? its definitely not a 3rd world anymore.astralogy is based on planetary system which is 1000′s yrs old.until 18th century the westers claimed earth to be at center & flat

  9. Yea, Astrology is bullshit and Indians always specialize in Bullshit Lol.

    So Indian Science was actually stolen by Westerners ? Lol You are the typical Indian Idiot that claims whole world to be Indian yet doesn’t realize that India is still a third world country that doesn’t have proper toilets. Don’t get carried on too much by praising Indian Culture, India did discover a lot of things but to claim every Western Discovery as Indian is really stupid.

  10. There is major anomaly in modern science. It assumes that “SPACE, TIME & MATTER” is fundamental. Peter Russell explains this in “The Primacy of Consciousness”.
    Light does not travel. Energy does not travel. It is universal, it means it is everywhere. Photon (i.e. light) goes on & off at the same time. It proves that light is not confining to the dimension of “TIME”. To us it looks that light travels because that is how we perceived it. Bell Theorem proves that.

  11. Continue
    So what this video clips says about Vedic mathematics is not even elementary of Vedas. Peter Russell, Dean Brown & John Hagelin are quoting Upanishad (one of Vedas) “Atma is fundamental”. Atma is Bhrahmand

  12. much of the science such as pythogoras thm were stolen & named after them by europeans.takhashila was the first university of the world where all subjects were taught.forieghners from all over the world went there to learn.even science of planes (vimanas)which the wright brothers claim theirs is mentioned in vedas.navigation(navgath) is also mentioned.we can go on & on..even most of stupid hindus dont know abt these facts..any1 can search abt these facts & try to prove me wrong.i dare you.

  13. VEDIC MATHEMATICS is thousands of years even predates are talking abt 19th century has nothing to do with vedas.algebra,geometry,trignometry,place value,decimal system,value of PI,speed of light even pythogoras thm was all calculated before you europeans even learnt to speak.even english words come from sanskrit.we invented astrology,astronomy,medicine,rocketry,cosmic science &much more
    This is a false elboration and he’s not even a mathematician to study vedas.

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