The mandelbox fractal pixel blender render.

render music http This is a render I made late one night of a trip I took through the mandelbox. How I managed to get out is anyones guess! you really should have your headphones on for this ten minute trip The deep tech house music is used with permission from 90watts an amsterdam based record label. a two track mix by yours truly – teamfresh. seamless! I used a pixel blender to create extra frames inbetween the originials. I increased the amount of frames x 20 This createds a morph like ripple around the edges of the animation. Music. track one optick and ciprian lemnaru – maya (original mix) track two unders and sven prinsen – unsolved labyrinth (original mix) love fractals? want to chat about them?

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  1. I’m not a specialist, but i did some Mandelbulb3D uncompressed videos, uploaded on YT, that just took a long time to finish. And at least i had only one compression, and a very good result here

  2. Free Mandelbrot softwares on sourceforgedxoxtxnxet(remove x’s): Apophysis, Fractive, Mandelbulber, Metaphysis, QuickMAN – Fast Mandelbrot Generator, XaoS, AMandel,Amazing Boxplorer (Alpha),Angela the Mandelbrot SetExplorer, Endlos – Multithreaded Fractals, FFFF – Fast Floating Fractal Fun, Fractron 9000, Gnofract 4D – Linux, GPU Flame Fractal Renderer, JFractals, jMidpoint(Alpha), Mandelbrot3D (For Linux) & Structure Synth !

  3. Mandelbox flights always remind me of the first Star Trek movie, when the Enterprise was slowly flying through that enormous V’Ger machine (which was filled with fractal splendor).

  4. “Team Fresh, bunch of Rolling Stones” ;-)

    Awesome color pallette, Superb music, trippy deep zoom.

    Although, the pixel blender seems to be having a real struggle knitting things together. Cool effect though :)

    Massive props.

  5. You need to STFU on this one. it is not for you to tell me what not to be, or what to do – if people want to know about the music used – I recommend reading the video description – the tracks titles and artists are listed, and include live links to the download page of each song.

  6. What program did you use to put the frames for the animation together and what type of codec? I find that I get too many artifacts in my videos after I upload on Youtube even in high def., i.e. /watch?v=s3WuDhLXbQ0

  7. concept:

    if the universe is vast and infinite and it never ends with scattered galaxies an stars and planets all round it,wouldnt that make us REALLY small and insuperor to the galaxy. and wouldnt that mean that we dont exist?that we are just parts of a little fractal like the galaxy possibly to be a really small thing compared to something that controlles it?just thinking about it makes me wonder about life

  8. gah, I should stop watching the mandelbox videos. they always creep me out. I don’t like the way it keeps retracting and melting away when you get close. It makes me think of rot.
    On the bright side, I did like the colors in this one. That reddish color looks really nice next to the others.

  9. i Belive that the infinity of space is an ethernal evolution.
    Build by sentient beings, who are not bound to space ,time
    or matter .
    but if ethernal light can excist , then why not ethernal darknes?
    Ethernal darkness does excist.
    but even darknes is something
    and we are the light shining in the center of it :)
    if everything is and nothing does not excist
    Then statiticaly speaking this
    wat you see is real.

  10. That was freakin awesome! I’m IN awe of these. They’re beautiful, mysterious.. very fascinating. I’ve never heard of Mandelbox til tonight. So I’m pretty blown away.

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