Sacred Geometry & Pythagorean traditions with Stephen Anthony Orzel

What an exciting show! We are joined by our special guest, Stephen Anthony Orzel, to discuss the meaning of Sacred Geometry and the history of the Pythagorean mystery school. We will ask such questions as: How did Plato, and the Neoplatonists reveal the sacred sciences of the Pythagoreans through their writings? We will also talk about the sacred sciences of harmonics, how sacred geometry manifests in the physical world, and how we can use sacred geometry to enter the Plato’s world of ideas. Other topics that will be brought up are quantum physics, wave length particles, DMT, and the esoteric uses of geometry. Specific meditations will be given at the end so you can begin activating your own spiritual self-awareness. Stephen Anthony Orzel’s contact info : Personal Blog: Via Mathesis Blog: Via Mathesis youtube: