How to prevent cancer and other cardiovascular diseases through biophotonic scanner – Dr Oz Contact Geraldine at if you wish to know your own antioxidant scores. Children above 9 months can do the non-invasive 1 min scan. If you are taking in fruits, vegetables, vitamins and supplements, you owe yourself to know if these are helping you to increase your antioxidant levels. The lower your scores, the more susceptible your cells and DNA are damaged and higher risk to have a lower immunity and cancer.

Dan Winter – Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death 1 of 5

Dan Winter is most known as a teacher of Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion. His invention’s HeartTuner and BlissTuner have earned him literary credit (book:’Instinct to Heal’) for inventing the term Heart Coherence. Discovering the harmonic content of compassion in EKG and bliss – even enlightenment in EEG – lead him to a radical new physics: that IMPLOSION – the electrical -geometry of fractality- is the cause BLISS – as it is the cause of gravity in general – and the destiny of DNA in particular. He teaches that the hygiene for bliss – creates fractal conditions (the sacred) defining the charge field which ignites and matures DNA into BLISS. He has dedicated his life to teaching – and is personally known around the entire Earth – with web presence (5 languages), 3 books, films and DVD’s. His message is simple- the coherence in the aura field – generated by fractal compression – called the KA in Egypt- is what creates your vehicle for memory into death and the lucid dream. This immortalizing potential in the charge created by blood on fire with bliss – is the real message of ancient religion – the real physics of the grail – and the essential good news at a time when the solar wind can only be steered by Sun God’s. It is not so hard to see thru the Sun like an eye. The physics is embedding, the psychology is discovering that- like the birth canal-and what happens in DNA during successful death, what emerges from perfect compression (implosion) is only the SHAREABLE