How to Make a 64 Tetrahedron Grid – Part 1 (how to make a star tetrahedron) – this is the website with the templates you’ll need to make a star tetrahedron. For more information on the 64 tetrahedron grid, the work of Nassim Haramein, and the common origin of all sacred symbols please see: How to Make a 64 Tetrahedron Grid – Part 2 (how to make a vector equilibrium) How to Make a 64 Tetrahedron Grid – Part 3 (what it looks like)

How to build a Star Tetrahedron

I just wanted to go through houw to build a star tetrahedron, a very important shape in all of the cosmos. more can be learned of this shape through the book “the ancient secret of the flower of life” and I am planning on building a village of enlightened ideas and wish to build this structure huge if anyone wants to invest. I also have a cosmic tribe of folks ready to crank out jams for the shift in consciousness, like for real dog, I got firepower up my sleeve, just no money. I need like a million. or a billion. and its on. just ask me about my ideas. I’m equipped to revolutionize and modernize common thought, not singlehandedly, I have a rag tag team of super hero’s. I kid not. we’re all dislocated now. but like a million bucks and we would leave a serious positive impact throughout the world. this is just one tiny thing in the grand scheme. even like 100000 bucks would be a good start for phase 1. its about getting together these dudes I know and building this deal that opens up portals. we know how to do it. because we’ve been researching our entire lives. how do i say this? Contact me if you want to invest in the cosmic unfoldment. I need land. and i need basic materials to start out. and when i say i, I mean We. there’s a bunch of super heroes that just don’t have the funding to get a batmobile. because we’re not bruce wayne. it’s all coming. but for real I’m talking like a billion bucks I’m gonna need just to start.

Electric Sun – Plasma cosmology “Electric Sun” Star model Vs thermonuclear reactor core model fails

Gravity contained, thermonuclear/hydrogen model of the Sun fails to stand up to scientific scrutiny in new analysis – Where’s the convection? Plasma physicist Wallace Thornhill explains serious discrepancies between the “standard model” of stars & the properties of The Sun. Also watch for a laundry list of problems with the “standard model” of the Sun: