Special Magic Square – Numberphile

Magic squares are pretty interesting for Numberphiles any day of the week – but Roger shows us one with extra special “powers”. Professor Roger Bowley works at the University of Nottingham. His drawing of the magic square can be seen at: www.flickr.com Website: www.numberphile.com Numberphile on Facebook: www.facebook.com Numberphile tweets: twitter.com About brown paper: periodicvideos.blogspot.com Videos by Brady Haran Brady’s other channels include: www.youtube.com (Chemistry stuff) www.youtube.com (Physics and astronomy) www.youtube.com (Space stuff) www.youtube.com (Science and behind the scenes) www.youtube.com (Food science) www.youtube.com (Big science facilities) www.youtube.com (Favourite scientists) www.youtube.com (Academic look at the Bible) www.youtube.com (Modern language and culture)