Sacred Geometry 201A: The Multi-Dimensional Universe

This is the opening video of or new Sacred Geometry 201 Series entitled “Sacred Geometry 201A; The Multi-Dimensional Universe” with Charles Gilchrist. The main mandala (also by Gilchrist) is entitled “Cube Of Spheres in Nature’s First Pattern.” The Music was provided (with the artist’s permission) by Julian Forest from his CD entitled “Arcaum” © 2010. Audio design by Rick Aylsworth. Videography by Zackery Gilchrist. Painting pannels and the cube of spheres model were created by master wood artist Kim Yeager, Specdial thanks to my partner/manager Jay Gabriel Cavazos. For those of you interested in my Mandalas and/or possibly purchasing one of my signed archival Fine Art Prints, here is the link to my website galleries page: