Fibonacci and the Golden Mean

A really good insight into the Golden Mean, Fibonacci Series etc. (This video was available on Google Videos… but the thumbnail was too terrible to use it… so I’ve copied it here… asking forgiveness rather than permission etc – but to all concerned, you’ve done a first-class job. If you want me to link back to you and give you proper attribution etc, let me know what I need to do)

Golden Mean

A pictorial illustration of the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci sequence through use of artistic imaging. Natural beauty of botanical subjects used to demonstrate the repeated use of the Golden Mean in earths ecosystems. Created by

The golden mean

A video on the golden mean. Sources and Videos parts of which have been used on this video: Wikipedia Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music Zen Garden Fibonacci, Fractals and Financial Markets Р El pato Donald y la proporción áurea Fibonacci Numbers РAnother Evolutionary Miracle Fibonacci Gauge phi, the nature of growth