Mysterious Maya Calendar & Mural Uncovered

May 10, 2012 — Researchers have uncovered a remarkably well-preserved Maya mural and calendar markings that add perspective on Maya thinking. National Geographic Society grantee William Saturno and his team uncovered the artwork in what was either a home or workplace abandoned hundreds of years ago. The findings are published in the May 11 issue of the journal Science and the June edition of National Geographic magazine. Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth

Breaking the Maya Code #4: The Maya Calendar

In the late 19th century, Ernst Forstemann works out the many cycles of the Maya calendar. This is one of 8 scenes available on YouTube from the 2-hour documentary film Breaking the Maya Code, a 400-year history of the Maya decipherment that has won 5 Best Documentary awards at international film festivals. For more on the film and the Maya script go to or to buy the film on DVD go to