Amazing Tetra Menger Box – Mandelbulb 3D fractal HD 720p

Fractal animation made by Schizo – with Mandelbulb 3D V1.76 A formula combination of ATetraVS + Menger IFS + _AmazingBoxSSE2 spiced with some color modulation creates a landscape half synthetic, half natural. Music Track “Binary Perception” by Erot. Taken from the great compilation “Dimensional Gateway 2″ released under CC at Ektoplazm. Download the full album for free at: More fractal art trips and other psychedelic stuff at: Enjoy your fractal zoom flight

Mandelbulb 3D – Fractal Animation – 20120528

Short animation created with Mandelbulb 3D. This is what I call a Mandelbulb Zoom, being an animation composed of single frames which were rendered with a 3D Fractal program, in this case, Mandelbulb3D. The resultant frames were fed to VirtualDub to create the main animation. Final output done with Adobe Premiere and VirtualDub. Linear editing in Premiere and then output via the DebugMode FrameServer plugin to VirtualDub to AVI.

From The Outer Space – Fractal Visual TRANCE – mandelbox , mandelbulb, mandelbrot

… through the stars to space … (Visual Music) – YouTube version.. ATTENTION !!! SET 720p HD FOR NORMAL VIDEO QUALITY !!! Math and music generated experimental video; screened at film festivals: Hamilton film Festival: Sandpoint Films Festival 2011 http Short description of the video: ——————————————- ” .. Approaching to a mysterious planet, we saw the lightning hit the surface and suddenly everything went black, and only an alien volcanic lava illuminates our path. And he brought this way to the infinite whirlpools. It seems this will not end, but a mysterious object and the hand gave us a new way. Leaving this planet, we found a space with an incredible life-form: it was either a dance or a song of this creature, or warning, but then it turned into a huge surface of the underwater landscape !!! Great was our surprise when suddenly appeared in front of us an luminous castle and then rain came down on us, forced us to hurry up and find shelter among strange buildings. And when the storm passed us, we were to meet an alien popped up, which opened the way for us to lead the flower of striking beauty…. ” Video Production: ArkGrb – Studio AGB Music style: Trance and Classic composition 3D Fractal Visual Music ——————————— Tools: Musical Mandelbulber and ISO Bulb, After Effects Shapes: mandelbox , mandelbulb , ISO mandelbulb , mandelbrot surface For downloading Mandelbrot 3D routine in Matlab

mandelbulb 2

( for more info) This is my second rendering of the so called Mandelbub fractal object. It was oversampled, but I wanted to ensure the quality was there, so antialiasing and motion blur were pushed more than needed. However there are some artifacts there due to some math inaccuracies. The rendering was done in regular C, in the CPU. It’s multithreaded but not SIMD-ed. Render times were around few seconds per image (sub-frame). The surface detail is adjusted dynamically for every ray to ensure low computation cost and less aliasing.

Abandoned Sky Circus – mandelbulb flythrough

This is a fly-through of a 3D, Mandelbulb fractal created with Mandelbulb 3D (download ). First time I’ve rendered such a long sequence – 12500 frames at about 3 1/2 minutes per frame for about 730 hours of rendering time. Next time I will do more test renders before committing to final version. :) Music created by my friend Richard Sharpless. He sometimes records his keyboard meanderings and hands me a disc full of ‘Possible Soundtracks’. This one fit the bill perfectly. Mac users might want to try Mandelbulber you can also explore fractals in your browser with Fractal Lab:

Mandelbulb flight – the lava dome

Similar to the previous renders, but with updated visuals, where the iteration count determines the colour from gold – through grey obsidian and to self illuminating red&yellow lava. A red point light without occlusion has been added at the centre of the mandelbulb to give effect of illumination from the lava below. Volumetric yellow fog is computed, where iteration count determines the density of the fog. The flight path has been smoothed using Catmull Rom splines after many suggestions over at Render time was 1:48 (hours) using a pair of ATI Radeon HD 5850s, but setting up the flight path took considerably longer.