Merkabah Introduction Dr. Bernard Alvarez and ONE present the first part of the Merkabah Ascension class. Here Bernard shares some background on the Merkabah Ascension vehicle and why it is used followed by ONE beginning the phases of this etheric construct. Eventually leading up to the full use of the construct for communication with the Higher realms and Ascended Masters. Read more “the Merkabah Ascension Vehicle – Global Illumination Council” –

Nassim Haramein – Rise To The Equation Introduction

Rise To The Equation: The Cosmological Constant and The Schwarzschild Proton On July 19, 2011 Nassim Haramein gave a 4-hour presentation on his latest work on Grand Unification Theory in Sebastopol, California. His recent work solves discrepancies previously existing between Einstein’s Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics, through calculations made about the Schwarzchild Proton which regards the proton as a miniature black hole.