Intro to Orgo (1 of 5) Atoms, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table and trends presents: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Part 1 (of 5) – Atoms, Atomic Orbitals, Periodic Table and Trends This video begins to address a number of important chemistry topics essential to understand organic chemistry. Many of my students struggle with organic chemistry simply because they forgot these basic chemistry concepts. This video covers the following. – atom basics, subatomic particles, isotopes – atom overview, structure, shells, valence electrons – periodic table, group names and characteristics – periodic table trends – electronegativity and atom size See all 5 parts to ensure you are ready to understand organic chemistry Part 1 – Atom, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table Part 2 – Atomic Orbitals, Electron Configuration, Lewis Dot Structure Part 3 – Octet Rule, Bonding: Ionic, Covalent, Polar Covalent Part 4 – Hybridization, Orbitals, geometry Part 5 – Lewis Bond Structure, Drawing Organic Molecules Find me on the web: Website: Facebook Twitter: Please post questions/comments below or contact me via my website: