Pythagoras, Sacred Geometry, “The Fundamental Programming Language of the Holographic Universe”

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Spiral Violet 1 technology (holographic memory storage in water and the brain)

Medical scientist, biophysicist and wounded healer, Bruce Anderson, narrates a Power Point presentation about the water-based Spiral Violet 1 biophysics technology, introducing the photo-psychic effect conversion between the biophoton and the graviton in DNA and the aqueous vortex, thus explaining homeopathy, consciousness amplification and localized cellular time-reversal for the regenerative treatment of disease. See the story of Bruce’s self-treatment recovery from Vioxx-induced congestive heart failure at and his World Championship masters swimming video here on Youtube at If you’ve come here from Google and you’d like to help beat Big Pharma at their own game and defend our medical rights with the restoration of the previously suppressed biophysics cures for cancer and other diseases, send this link to as many people as you think may be interested. Let’s make the coming cure for drug company corruption go viral…