What’s the Fifth Dimension? CH. III – The ‘I’ Within

So, first and foremost, what will help you to open up your consciousness and activate your pineal gland is to stop drinking fluoride. No more tap water. If you stop today it will be about two years for your body to start getting better (from the fluoride, that is). It’s also helpful to cut down on processed foods and sugars; which is hard, I know. This too will take some time. Meanwhile, start working on opening your mind to things—to everything: fact and fiction, truth and lies, words, thoughts, rational and irrational. Deal with dualities so you can start recognizing how our world and language creates separations; then, you can more easily find what allows the connections. I know most of you watching this are already doing this… However, simply going around and seeing shapes and objects out there in our “holographic universe” is not the whole story. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve activated your 3rd eye just yet—but don’t be annoyed with me saying this, I know some of you will—hear me out, because in doing that you are actually taking an important step: you’re making connections in your mind and getting in touch with your intuition; which is very important and part of the process. Many have trouble, or issues with, meditating in the conventional way. So I offer some alternative exercises out of the many options we have to get in touch with our inner space. My favorite meditation exercise involves, first, intuition: find the element that puts you at ease and commune

Fourth Spatial Dimension 101

Mathematical concept of the fourth spatial dimension (this is not about time as the fourth dimension, aka spacetime). Notes: #1: (1:10) Obviously your room would only exist in a single 3d space. Technically, the room described here is actually 4-dimensional. #2: (2:30) This is a 2d object (ie, unlike a piece of paper), which means there is no no “front” or “back” – so you can see all the points at once. #3: (4:31) For this analogy, we are comparing the act of drawing on an ordinary canvas, on both the 3d and 4d worlds. Carving, sculpting and creating 3d models on the computer don’t change the fact that humans can not “draw” a real 3d shape by hand on a “flat” surface. #4: (5:49) The 3d objects and the light source are on different 3d spaces. Italian captions by persuadersonic.

Hypercubes, starting from dimension 0 up to dimension 6

Hypercube rotations for dimension 0 up to 6 (point, line, cube, tesseract, penteract and sexteract). No extra transformations were applied, just rotations. Of course, this is not really 4D, this is a projection of a higher dimension into a 3D vector space that is itself projected into 2D for you to see it in your screen. The beautiful music is by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Source code is not yet available.