Cédric Villani – Breaking the Walls between Economics, Physics and Geometry@Falling Walls 2011

Villani shows the link between the apparently unrelated theory of optimal transport and the concept of curvature, arising from non-Euclidean geometry, and playing a key role in Einstein’s theory of general relativity. This is a story where physics, economics and geometry intertwine and lead to applications such as the improvement of efficiency in the transportation of goods. www.falling-walls.com

Breaking the Maya Code #4: The Maya Calendar

In the late 19th century, Ernst Forstemann works out the many cycles of the Maya calendar. This is one of 8 scenes available on YouTube from the 2-hour documentary film Breaking the Maya Code, a 400-year history of the Maya decipherment that has won 5 Best Documentary awards at international film festivals. For more on the film and the Maya script go to www.nightfirefilms.org or to buy the film on DVD go to www.nightfirefilms.net