A Course in Miracles & Sacred Geometry? An interview with Bruce Rawles, Author of The Geometry Code

Bruce Rawles is the author of “The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation”. We talk about Sacred Geometry, The Kybalion, The Seven Hermetic Laws, A Course in Miracles, and the possible links between them. acimexplained.com * My work is entirely donation-based. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here via PayPal bit.ly (ken@acimexplained.com) Love, Ken * “The Geometry Code” is available at www.geometrycode.com Bruce’s Websites: www.geometrycode.com www.acimblog.com www.brucerawles.com Bruce’s Bio: Bruce Rawles is mystical soul with a mathematical mind; an explorer of the extrapolation of quantum physics into non-dual metaphysics. His geometric and philosophic quests seek the unchanging and universal. His first book, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, offers a hands-on approach to finding interconnectedness by immersion in patterns. His second book, The Geometry Code, turns the exploration inward to the mind. Here polarizing paradoxes are resolved by bringing awareness of natural laws and universal symbols to our shared interests and the teacher of unconditional kindness we all have in common.