Structure of the Vacuum, Torsion Physics and Fractal Geometry 7 of 7

Original Upload projectmoses69 If we could re-build the Ark of the covenant today, what practical use would it have? What effect would it have on our society? This video answers some interesting questions about what the Ark actually is and what new technologies it could lead to.

14 thoughts on “Structure of the Vacuum, Torsion Physics and Fractal Geometry 7 of 7

  1. Oh boy! now i can make idols, lie, cheat steal, break the Sabbath, dishonor my parents, murder, commit adultery and covet. Wooooo!! Thanks for pissing in my ear and telling me it’s raining….

    Seriously though guys, I slowly watched this, digested every word pausing after each screen of text to ponder on it. It’s bull. Sure there’s some scientific aspects, but the bible reads like it did before they put a twist on it. There’s only one God, and He’s not the masonic G, etc. This vid is sophism…

  2. Hi, A wonderful set of sites that made me feel very good, and felling a lot less fesr of the future of me,and everything I know and don’t know
    Thanks a million, million.
    We need more of this stuff, so, keep it coming.

  3. @israelsocratus
    the dark matter is scatteres across the universe there is not much left in our side of the universe because there was a higher concintration of “light” matter here before

  4. In the beginning was Vacuum.
    What is the Vacuum ?
    The Vacuum is an Empty space between Galaxies
    Is this space really Empty?
    Physicists say that : 90% or more of the matter
    in the Universe / Vacuum are unseen ‘dark matter
    and dark energy ‘ .
    And nobody knows what they are.
    How can the 90% or more of the Hidden ( dark ) matter / energy
    in the Vacuum create the few % of the Visible matter ?

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