Structure of the Vacuum, Torsion Physics and Fractal Geometry 4 of 7

Original Upload projectmoses69 In the pursuit of science and religion there remains only one truth. Are you prepared to accept that truth if discovered even if it goes against eveything you currently believe? What if mankinds true history has been intentionaly hidden for thousands of years by elite groups that fear your true potential? What if the past revealed that ancient humans were far more advanced than you’ve been taught?

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  1. Im afraid youve simplified much too much. the masons worship lucifer and he disguises himself as a pure belvolent creator God that apperntly uses dialectic problem,reaction silutions and man servants to achieve his goals and evil agendas.its much mire complex than youve explained!!! Now, as any fule kno, Gnosticism is the doctrine that the Earth was created by a benign but absent God, but is ruled by an evil intermediary god, known as the Demiurge,or Satan ie. Lucifer.

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  3. I believe its a wise decision to have a look into Walter Russels ‘Universal One’ book, among his other works. To have that knowledge of how Contraction/Expansion, Heat/Cooling, Vorticular Looping and Opposing forces in nature work, one can make the spiritual connections required to see the truth of exsistance. It definatley makes ancient symbology easy to understand, and everything else in life :)

  4. See The Fundamental Universe Project….is in progres…
    Is the most powerfull theory of human history!
    Is beyond theory …is becabe, for the first time….a reality!
    It broke all unified theoryes….. all science and all religions in the same time!

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