Structure of the Vacuum, Torsion Physics and Fractal Geometry 3 of 7

Original Upload projectmoses69 The signs are everywhere, all you have to do is be willing to see them. When you learn to think for yourself you will begin to see the world as it actually is and not what you have been told it is. There is more potential in the human mind than you can ever imagine

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  1. Agreed. He lost me when he sited the serpent not being satan according to the “Book of Creation.” He should have left religion out of it and stuck to science.

  2. This series started out good, but this episode is pure claptrap. The story is the Hebrew equivalent of Pandora’s Box. It has nothing to do with hidden scientific knowledge. It’s about the unveiling of evil. Stick to science, please!

  3. We choose to ‘hear’ a judgementle God so as to experience guilt,so as to experience the illusion of separation,as Deepak Chopra said a God capable of being please or displeased isn’t a God of Grace as the essence of Grace is unconditional love,time to manifest a God that is closer to source energy,a God without a human ego,time to come from our hearts in zero point in the void of infinite possibilities.
    BTW the blue apple is mentioned in The Expected one,a symbol of the essenes I think

  4. [cont] string theory has been a tremendous catalyst in numerous areas of mathematics, and so, regardless of whether or not is ends up being a n accurate model of reality, it is still a very important idea to consider and develop. Point being, it still may be perfectly sensible (in the sense I assume you meant) and it is definitely not nonsense in the sense described above. :)

  5. I think that remains to be seen. It’s still a very serious contender as far as physical theories go. (Hypotheses would really be more appropriate in the case of string theory, as it does not have the evidentiary support to really call it a theory, in the scientific sense, yet; however it is a highly mathematical theory, and within mathematics the title of “theory” is wholly appropriate… but I digress)  I should also point out that [cont]

  6. Speaking as someone who has actually studied fractal geometry professionally (as well as, more recently, the structure of our universe from various perspectives including string field theory), I can certify that this video is complete nonsense.

  7. Ed didn’t switch off magnetic polarity in the blocks though; he turned them into a single pole moving extremely slow, imitating extremely large particles in a single line of force which could not be countered. Successively larger packs of ion charge, the sum of both poles mashed together, break off the stone when energy to balance poles cannot keep up.

  8. DUH let me put a NEW SPIN on an old IDEA.
    DUHwin and DUHkins and the DUH-mmies pay attention.
    DUH let me reinvent the VHEEL of Fortuna for the BLIND leading the BLIND….

    DUH please PROPOSE a better symbol to represent TORSION FIELDS than the SWASTIKA in 2 dimensions?

    How about 3D and 4D what would you use?

    Can we connect/associate it to the SWASTIKA?

    DUH the SWASTIKA is one of only a few ANCIENT SYMBOLS that come in TWO FLAVORS i.e. Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise.

    Can YOU name the others?

  9. The serpent is the tribe of Dan who wouldn’t go along with the other tribes of Israel’s plan and was cast out. They migrated around Europe and ended up in Scotland as the Templar Knights fighting for the Bruce against the British invasion at Bannockburn.



  11. Great observations! unity of duality is the foundation of everything. the hyper-dimensional aspect of it comes together when the two forces converge to create a third. it’s this third plane of equilibrium (space) in which the two forces have infinite potential and all three together create a three dimensional reality. in order to create a single point in space you need three vectors or points of reference. three seperate fields join to create three dimensions. Stars are the center.

  12. The All Seeing Eye within the triangle is a clue implying that eyes always come in pairs, in which case there must be another triangle, which leads to the inverted concentric dual tetrahedrons (male/female unity of duality), which form the platonic cube, which is at the center of sacred geometry.

    But all of your videos focus on the 2-D representation of this geometry and, for some reason, avoids the hyper-dimensional representation. 2-D is how they hide the true nature of it all.

  13. Also, just to make it pellucid, the “apple/fruit” of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was most probably a psychoactive mushroom (or a psychoactive entheogen of some kind). The eating of it changed their consciousness (activated it). No mere apple nor known tree fruit will accomplish that feat, but psilocybin mushrooms will do the trick quite nicely. The Event at Eden was history’s first recorded drug bust, with God as the Pigs – and nothing has changed in that regard since that time.

  14. And God lied to Adam about the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve both ate of it and lived. The Serpent told the truth: God lies.

    Furthermore, God kills how many people in the Old Testament? God kills men, women, children, & infants; demands blood sacrifices, nukes entire cities, commits genocide more than once, and never ever acts to make peace. Satan/Lucifer, on the other hand, never kills a single human – and yet is called “The Enemy.”
    God is The Enemy.

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