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  1. the “G’ stands not for God, but Geometry, which at its fundamental level IS the mind of God! knowing this one truth is all that is necessary to truly embark on a journey of enlightenment. beyond the symbols, codes, mistranslated and false trails, lies the one thing that is without doubt eternal, Geometry is the precursor and blueprint for all that is, has, or ever will exist. the answers are all there, hiding in plain sight.

  2. in the beginning the gravity pulled elemtents to form earth’s molten form and then it cooled down formingthe crust then cells were mnade and they made the organisms in which the organisms evolved and formed monkeys monkeys evolved into caveman and thus humans were mnade scientific ntruth gotta love science!!!!!!!!!!! DA BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWND

  3. DUH let me put a NEW SPIN on an old IDEA.

    DUHwin and DUHkins and the DUH-mmies pay attention.

    DUH let me reinvent the VHEEL of Fortuna for the BLIND leading the BLIND….

    DUH please PROPOSE a better symbol to represent TORSION FIELDS than the SWASTIKA in 2 dimensions?

    How about 3D and 4D what would you use?

    Can we connect/associate it to the SWASTIKA?
    DUH the SWASTIKA is one of only a few ANCIENT SYMBOLS that come in TWO FLAVORS i.e. Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise.

    Can YOU name the others?

  4. In reality, there is no such thing as a “vacuum”. Only a state of less pressure.
    Saying space is a vacuum relative to sea level is like saying sea level is a vacuum relative to the sea floor.

    Nassim would do well by looking into the brilliant work of Walter Russell.
    Einstein never heard of Russell. Nikola Tesla told him to lock away many of his ideas for the next 1000 years until Humanity was ready.

    Free Energy and Free Thinking

  5. In the beginning was Vacuum.
    What is a Vacuum ?
    The Vacuum is an Empty space between Galaxies
    Is this space really Empty?
    Physicists say that : 90% or more of the matter
    in the Universe / Vacuum are unseen ‘dark matter
    and dark energy ‘ .
    And nobody knows what they are.
    How can the 90% or more of the Hidden ( dark ) matter / energy
    in the Vacuum create the few % of the Visible matter ?

  6. This is amazing, the inexplicable gets answers, y sugest to see these video before watching Nassim Haramein’s videos, this makes things easier

  7. Assumption that the 117 year old “equation” was meant to determine what is “thought” to be a “black hole” at the center of the universe is quite ignorant, and also the description of the letter “N” alongside of the circle with a line drawn through it and a dot on the bottom is a sorry guess, considering the entire symbol AND the cube, represents saturn. Pointing out one “problem” when there is no explanation for ANY of it given, but only pseudo science and quackery is comical. This is ALL BS

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