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  1. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe, a cultivation system based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance
    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. More than 3500 died from torture.

  2. I think I got around to it. There seems to be a evolution in thinking, consciousness for this science stuff to evolve around us. Seems to be getting alot of intention and focus.

  3. Mainstream science still refuses to explore certain anomalies, and in some cases you get labeled as crazy just for bringing up the possibility. In either case, there are scientists who try to do some legit research, but the funding just isn’t there. And about the stuff that Haramein is saying, he may not be 100% right, but I do think he brings up some ideas worth looking in to. There’s a lot of assumptions within the current paradigm that don’t add up either. Crucial stuff too.

  4. Of course they aren’t wise and all-knowing. That’s why scientists do science, rather than preach the holy truth. They find out.
    Are there things “they” refuse to look at? “They”? There are scientists of all creeds and races and political persuasions in every country of the world, and they are fascinated by uncovering the truth. No conspiracy can keep them every single one of them from looking at anything. Frauds like Haramein benefit from spreading stories like that. Nobody else.

  5. I gotta say I agree with manou. there are definitely scientists who are shut down, and knowledge that is suppressed. I mean, you don’t think the government has crazy advanced technology? Even on the part of the scientific community, you can’t say they’re so wise and all knowing, and there are some things they refuse to look at. It’s some Galileo shit when he said the Earth revolves around the Sun. No one was down with that idea. We gotta break our minds outta the illuminati’s box.

  6. Refuses to debate with Indoctrinated people who think the way of are live is a good thing ?
    Look there are a lot of people it’s not only Haremein or Rodin. There are a lot of questions that are unanswerd, this is not the right way of living… Almost any other way of living would be better… So you think the NWO is a fraud 2 ? Or 9/11 ? Becouse somebody has another way of thinking is a fraud ? You know who is the real fraud..? payed off universities and the farmaceuticals.

  7. I’m not saying everything is well in the world. Of course there are problems.
    I’m saying the solution is honest people who seek truth and promote debate, not dishonest and manipulative people who peddle a fabricated story of their own falsehoods to people who don’t know any better, pretend it’s science, but refuse to debate it.
    Rodin is as much a fraud as Haramein. You will find no mathematician or scientist remotely interested in them, only fans keen to see them as magicians.

  8. You can say what you wan’t, but if you look at the world now you will see hate, crime,hunger, etc. You can’t tell me that this is the right way of living… And deny the ancient buildings around the world or the NWO. I think knwolidge and unity will set us free… and we use the internet as a tool. Don’t mind the camtrails.. Just chek out the rodin coil maybe that will help.. But however don’t get me wrong, I don’t just beleve everything that everybody saz. There is a truth in all of uss…

  9. I didn’t say anything about his intelligence.
    Scientists are bribed or shut down? Jeez. Someone spent a little too much time on conspiracy forums?

  10. Look at all of the other brands, nike,coca cola, gucci, shell, etc. I think I rather buy this kind of brand than the ones ruining the world. And who are you to gudge someones intellegence.? And most important scientists are bribed or shutt down, when you look at the world you think our way of thinking is the right way ? I say that any other kind of living is better than we see today. Better than the indoctrinations that we get from the curches en schools etc.We do need more options

  11. Logic and history and facts don’t support any of his ideas.
    I agree, spirituality is important. Why would you look for spiritual guidance to someone who pretends to be something he’s not? He’s selling a brand, publicising his image and his institution, and he does it by deliberately misleading non-scientists into thinking he’s a scientist. If anyone uses science to challenge any of his ideas, he doesn’t seek resolution, he denigrates them.
    No, his mentality is not what anyone needs.

  12. Yah maybe… you never know for sure… That’s all about… But I just wan’t to remind you that it’s not only science. It’s spirituality aswel, your maybe right looking at it from a scientific angle. And listen to phylosophers 2.. Anyways You can’t deny one thing… That it’s all about logic and hystory and facts… Inprovements are understanding a higher level of thinking… Just knowing that this way of thinking mentality is all we need…


  13. Look People who are not accepting this than it is just of the indoctrination of the media and other sources… You can not see clearly what life is about…
    And all those physists and debunkers… please spand you time on something better than to try to negetively influence bright idea’s of the future.. if you try you will faillll…..

    freedom and peace for all..


  14. Questioning fundamental laws is what the whole of modern theoretical physics is about. Of course you don’t see it – you’re not looking.
    It’s done in quest of truth. If an idea goes against what we can readily observe in nature, that idea is not a reflection of nature.
    Clinging to a vision of science that is entirely different from what is observed in nature – that is a form of madness. Science is fundamentally about letting go.
    Inability to let go is not a mentality that we need.

  15. I don’t see any other people coming forward and questioning the fundametal laws.
    Please, wrong or right… is not irrelevent it is this mentality that we need…


  16. Ok, for anyone with any intelligence who actually wants to find out, search for schproton.
    If you’re willing to believe that everything is opinion (like whether or not your house fell down yesterday, or whether or not any birds can fly, or whether or not freefall off a 200ft cliff will harm you) then I guess you’re perfect material for Haramein.
    If you think everyone who points out flaws is brainwashed and that there is a conspiracy against him, then you’re definitely perfect material.
    Have fun.

  17. I have looked in to the matter of schwarzshilds proton. And really of beeing wrong is just an upinion and not a fact. This paper is so old maybe it needed some inprovements. And it had. I am open for new idea’s and new concepts. But again it’s not all about physics. Like it is inherent in us to beleve that It’s science & spirituality that will give us our true freedom. Ofcourse they will do anythings to stop this. But this is a time when we need to unite.

    I wisch you love & peace.

  18. I know. But you see.How they measure some things can be overlooked and a lot of them are. If there is something I learned about hystory is embrace every idea that will help you going forward or give you great knowlidge. And It’s not all about physics, it is ancient history that will tell you. And not some upinion from a scientist who is brainwashed by our universities and other coorporations. I beleve Mr. Haramein is right about a lot of things.And that is my freedom fo choice.

  19. I know he won an award, and I know what it’s for and who awarded it and why. I suggest you find out too.
    I know his paper is wrong. I’ve explained why on my blog, if you search for schproton you’ll find it. Better still, rather than taking it from me, type “schwarzschild proton” into a search engine and have a look at the discussions on the forums. You’ll get the more recent discussions if you can do a search for pages in the last month.
    Look into the whole, my friend. Do it.

  20. And really I did met him. In Holland 2009. And maybe you missed but he won the best paper award in Belgium. Maybe that can clarify for you. Look it would not be the first time that a ginuis like this iscriticized by people that only have knowlidge of one field and don’t look to the whole. Like Egyptologyst they claim thair sotry is true no matter what. Even it is proven to be wrong by people like Graham Hancock and others.. Or Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei, etc. The list is endles

  21. I wonder, How do you know he’s wrong ? So you claim that sacred geometry is wrong ? or the pyramids or other ancient buildings. The only thing that is wrong is the human beeings that are so ingnorrant about the facts and proofs we see all round the world. Ancient people knew much more than we do now. And that is all he’s doing… Bringing back ancient knowlidge. If you seek proof… Just study ancient civilizations around the world. if you got your head in the sand you will mis it…

  22. a scientific claim is not going to make a difference to the whole of civilization if it’s wrong. It’ll just waste people’s time. Unless all they want is entertainment, of course!
    I’ve studied everything he’s put out, and I’ve gone into great detail about why it’s nonsense. Perhaps you should study that.
    But try to avoid telling people you’ve never met who is controlling their mind. It’s a massive cliché, as well as being seriously arrogant, don’t you think.

  23. Look right or wrong need eachother to have exsestens. Without wrong there woulden’t be right.
    It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about who accomplisches something that could make a diffrence to the whole of our civilization. Just the way of thinking is enough. You know who is really lying ? it’s your governments allong with the international bankers and the media, now they sell you a lot of lies.
    They make you think the way they wan’t you to think.. So far I’m awake

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