19 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Taught in a Donald Duck Cartoon

  1. Your “fact” does not make sense with your claim of what Walt Disney was, if you end your comment with “32nd Degree Freemason & Rosicrucian

  2. It is not a cartoon on sacred geometry. It is a cartoon about mathematics. I saw this in the 1970s at my university’s open day. The school showing it was the School of Mathematics. Maths students learn most of this stuff in their first year. This is almost part of the standard intro to mathematics. It is cute, but then you go onto far more amazing things. Look up ViHart on youtube for her series of videos on being a plant, that is truly amazing use and analysis of the fibonacci sequence.

  3. First, the spirit tells Donald to visualize a circle (sun symbol). Afterwards, the spirit tells Donald to think about the pentagram. Combining both formations together creates another occult symbol. By the way, Walt Disney supposedly used a circled pentagram to help him draw the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. Type “Mickey Mouse Illuminati” to search the video called, “Who is Mickey Mouse really?”.

  4. Wow! & to compare this to spongebob! These cartoons not only give a kid something to think about & enjoy but also an adult! Too bad :( bye bye quality

  5. This is one of my favorite cartoons to rent out when I was a little girl… so much so that the vhs had to be replaced because I abused it through watching it so many times. My friends thought I was strange for being so into documentaries, especially this one on math. Even to this day I find something new in this cartoon. Also now I completely understand the jokes & references this cartoon has. Amazing that after all these years this is still one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing this.

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  7. All “white” jazz band…interesting. I know this was not meant for children. I surmise it was made for higher ups in the masons. Lots of stuff in this. Very much occult. I did learn a lot of knew ways to use a pentagram and I think that the masters in art also were adept in mathematics like this as well. Amazing little cartoon…good work.

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