27 thoughts on “SACRED GEOMETRY PART 4 byCharles Gilchrist

  1. The center is the microcosm, or Germ of Life of the Fruit & the Fruit of Life bares within it the DNA, or Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Can anyone see the serpent in the tree I wonder?

  2. Okay_Im looking to WoW someone here. I often wondered if there was a connection between the numbers 13 & 666, & well I found it. In the Germ of Life as he calls it here, you can see that this central circle is made of 13 crossing circles. Those 13 make a pattern of 6_6_6 which is 18 yes, but notice how the 6s are compartmentalized. This is why the illuminate covet this as their most sacred of symbols, I pretty sure.

  3. It’s actually 8 circles you do not see the eighth circle because it is behind the first. Try to think of these circles are spheres, so try to think of these in the 3rd dimension.

  4. i seriously see these patterns on everything when i take lsd everytime, i dont take it anymore because thats all could see and the patterns where so detailed it would be impossible to descride idk i feel crazy but i followed the pattern trial and ive learned so much but idk

  5. @devotedmom. If you can see/ feel the vibrating sarced semetry then your concionsness is opening up. The next step is using it for the benefit of the collective concionsness. PEACE

  6. i’m guessing it correlates with the seven senses that humans have…the extra two, in my opinion, would have to be common sense and intuitive sense.
    if anybody else has any other ideas to why, i’d like to hear them.

  7. wow….I have been “seeing” these in my meditations and in my dreams….both lucid and sleeping….and believe it or not, they “vibrate”, but not on an “audible” level…but on a “telepathic” level….and they are LOVING…PEACEFUL, and HEALING….most recent one was CRYSTAL with gold linear lines inside, and it was retangular with pointed ends (like a tetrahedon on both ends) it was beautiful…I wish you all could have seen it and taken it in…it was a gift…..:)

  8. than sex?
    if you´re into doors, don´t miss the magic key… that´s all I can say.
    very important art work for the ages. one day those mandalas will open a few minds.

  9. i wish i could have had you as my papa, (incidentally we are about the same age), but still,
    to have been raised by you
    what an adventurous, magical life that could have been
    thank you for sharing, your discovery with such infectious passion

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