Sacred Geometry: Map Of Time

This Gilchrist video discribes the artist’s process of creating Mandalas based on archetypes of Sacred Geometry. This piece features details about the artist’s newest Mandala, “Map Of Time”. Gilchrist website: For more information about the Sacred Geometry in Astrology (Gallery 12): For those of you interested in my Mandalas and/or possibly purchasing one or more of my signed archival Fine Art Prints, here is the link to my website galleries page:

47 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry: Map Of Time

  1. Mr Christ…such beautiful, profound and spiritual work. I have just discovered mandalas …no they have come to me, discovered me. Thank you for inspiring me to go deeper.

  2. it correlates to the big hole in the middle of our universe
    the white light one which relates to nothingness and everything lol..
    i see god too

  3. *tears* Now this is truly beautiful. Your work resonates with me man! It also reminds me of the profound and beautiful geometric patterns that I see when I listen to my music while high. Lovely! Keep creating my brother!!! ^.^

  4. I love the coloring pages!! My daughter and I were painting flowers of life this weekend! Now we can print the flower mandalas and color them using colored pencils, markers, or crayons. You should create a coloring book with just mandalas. It would be great for children (and adults) to color!

  5. So nice to have found you. Watching this video has power and felt the motion conveyed. Agree with Astara33, you are a beautiful representation of sacred geometry. Thank you for your awareness in the Mind of the All.

  6. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe, a cultivation system based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance
    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. More than 3500 died from torture.

  7. I like what you are doing in this corner of cyberspace! Mandalas are so powerfully healing. Your drawing ‘Map of Time’ is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. I have not posted my work, thanks for asking. I have been drawing….. the seed of life, the flower of life and the tree of life. I also started making something called orgonite.  Peace, Love and Blessings. =)

  9. thank you for sharing your work in the way that you do sir. I hope that many like me would like to help you to spread this message now and in the future. I for one plan to learn as much as i can so I could someday teach my kids and others. You are an inspiration to many Mr. Gilchrist, again thank you so much.

  10. Beautiful video!
    This is an invitation to see an artist theory on the physics of light and time!
    This theory is based on two postulates
    1. Is that the quantum wave particle function Ψ represents the forward passage of time ∆E ∆t ≥ h/2π itself
    2. Is that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the w- function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

  11. Im so in love with this guy, every since I stumbled unto from studying crop circles, which I. didnt know until now, are sacred geometry. I have tried telling other people but always sound stupid, so I know this guy is a master of it in his art and voice. You have by far come to the best in the world if you want to understand sacred geometry

  12. Absolutely exquisite and inspiring work. Thank you so much for sharing both your wisdom and beauty with us. I will be teaching geometry to my 6th graders this month, and have found many helpful ideas and insights here. Thank you!!!!!

  13. Gotta love it! Beautiful work. I was “called” to buy a compass today, and found your vids. As I start my jouney, I thank you for your inspiration. Peace,Love and Blessings to All.

  14. The Aboriginal dreamtime paintings/visions were all inspired by an Ayahuasca brew made by the Acacia tree (that has DMT in its bark) by Indiginous shamans. I would like to buy your paintings into Australia but wonder about the freight cost.

  15. OMG, you are so beautiful!! I LOVE this teaching you’re sharing. I so deeply want to understand Sacred Geometry. You have given me a way to begin, and I thank you and bless you. Astara33

  16. How can one be original in creating mandalas, after looking at your beautiful art work. I’m going to start drawing them, and I hope I come up with something as beautiful as yours. Thank you again for sharing : D

  17. Thank you for your work and the gift of healing and awakening that they bring to me and others. It excites me to see sacred geometry so beautifully expressed. Such a rich experience that inspires me to meditate with mandalas. I move and massage, dance in mandalas.

    To see the patterns of life in your paintings and is like witnessing the union of energies in an erotic dance expanding infinitely!
    Thank you for the inspiration and the many hours you spent to create such a powerful piece!

  18. Thank You Very Much Indeed for Sharing this Sacred Knowledge so Eloquently and with such Veracity. Please keep up the Good Work ;) Namaste “/”

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