Sacred Geometry 201A: The Multi-Dimensional Universe

This is the opening video of or new Sacred Geometry 201 Series entitled “Sacred Geometry 201A; The Multi-Dimensional Universe” with Charles Gilchrist. The main mandala (also by Gilchrist) is entitled “Cube Of Spheres in Nature’s First Pattern.” The Music was provided (with the artist’s permission) by Julian Forest from his CD entitled “Arcaum” © 2010. Audio design by Rick Aylsworth. Videography by Zackery Gilchrist. Painting pannels and the cube of spheres model were created by master wood artist Kim Yeager, Specdial thanks to my partner/manager Jay Gabriel Cavazos. For those of you interested in my Mandalas and/or possibly purchasing one of my signed archival Fine Art Prints, here is the link to my website galleries page:

47 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry 201A: The Multi-Dimensional Universe

  1. I’m really honored to have been a part of the collaboration for this video! The sincerity and genuineness comes from charles very being…great work my brother!

  2. Hi Charles,
    Thank you so much for sharing what you clearly love.
    Your videos inspire me way beyond the topic, which considering the topic is ..well it’s a blessing.

  3. Great Video Charles so awesome hanging out with you in the cabin and really getting to know you and share stories. Your Mer Ka Ba models are amazing!

  4. I loved seeing more of the painting process itself. Charles, I enjoyed your presentation at 3D in Asheville and seeing your paintings up close and personal. Thank you for your talent & your passion for sacred geometry. Most of all thank you for the inspiration & the sharing.

  5. Yes, Sacred Geometry is incredibly beautifull. YOU and some like you are trying to decode and explain it to humanity through the ages. I started to “woke up” by observing the Metatron’s Cube in a Crop Circle. And i was not phisically there. I just see crops on the net. That magic cube started to change me. Everytime i observe it, my mind starts to see many geometric patterns in, out and around the cube. A static figure starts to move right in front of my eyes. Thank you dimentional Charles.

  6. There must be a ‘dislike’ troll who loads every new youtube video and makes sure they have at LEAST one thumbs down. How can any human dislike this?

  7. Regarding my consistent spelling errors: In this video, several spelling errors got by me. At about 6:00, I spelled Sanskrit correctly and then, just a few lines below, I spelled it Sanskrirt (incorrect) which is really indicative of just how horribly dyslectic I truly am.

    This problem/curse plagued me most of my life until is realized that this so called learning disability definitely contributed to my extraordinarily developed visual acuteness.

    Was this curse actually a blessing?.

  8. alot of serious spiritual seekers do not or have not ‘messed’ with DMT or other substances. They do meditation, prayer, and spiritual work… Search and and learn from Dr. David Hawkins. :) :) He is awesome.. and read his book Power vs. Force. It is incredible and you will love it. Gob Bless you on your journey :)

  9. Nice Charlie !! I think that you concluded this video WONDERFULLY !! You have just dived into the core of working with these shapes. I encourage anyone that is truly interested in finding out more about Sacred Geometry to spend the time , hours upon hours working with these shapes, making your own mandalas!! IT WILL BEGIN TO SPEAK TO YOU !!

  10. really glad to see season 2. the first set of videos was the perfect accompaniment to my craving to learn about sacred geometry. I began reading and still am but it is nice to have someone so talented and knowledgeable articulate the concepts so simply in a visual form. best of luck. peace

  11. But JESUS is the only way you get to the sacred creator GOD after you die, Believe, give thanks, and pray to GOD in his sons name JESUS and everything will be alright just trust in him. What are your thoughts on this? Great video beautiful art!

  12. Regarding all the chat about various mind altering substances: For me, I allow myself access to alliterative realities by holding my mind and vision to the archetypes of Sacred Geometry.
    Sacred Geometry is a true doorway into the perfect and timeless realities of our human consciousness. And in those spaces I am very very close to the experience of Gnosis.

    In other words, there is more that one way to get THERE!

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