Sacred Geometry 101C: The Sacred Languages

Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred Geometry (form). Special attention to the static and dynamic aspects of Sacred Geometry. Special thanks to Sandy Stewart for the crystal bowl Sacred Sounds: For more details on Sacred Geometry: go to our very expansive Sacred Geometry website:

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  2. lol, i was going to google namaste to get exactly what it means… i knew it was a greeting/goodbye, but i wasnt sure exactly, however, i accidentally happened upon your explanation, and got my answer… thanks and Namaste!!!

  3. I was always an A plus math student and made it to trigonometry in high school. I remember now how many times I thought to myself that everything in life is numbers and shapes and how numbers were a universal language that could explain anything. Now it all is making sense on a whole new level. Thank you. Namaste.

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for posting. I recently read drunvalo’s flower of life volume 2 and started drawing the images, some from instruction and some from intuition. I’ve been scouring the internet for more info and today i found you. much gratitude…see you in a workshop

  5. dude this is what i think like also, the universe itself is mass consciousness, and always strives to be closer and closer to “Pi” or more divine i guess the term is… its just learning from our collective experience

  6. Than you so much, I want to get into sacred geometry too . Thank you, I’m a “artist” too with some left brain interest, that I think I see with a right brain. LOL

  7. I appreciated this, the explanation on the “Dynamic and Static possitiong” of the three shapes helps explain why we have war time and peace times,,

  8. Mr. Charles, thank you for all your wonderful videos. Most of all, thank you for the love that you send through your talks, I can really feel the sincere desire to help humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  10. Dear Charles, I find your art a marvelous work that can help many people, not just what you do but what it conveys. I would love to translate them into spanish so you can reach more people. I am sharing it to my friends and people. Because I recently started drawing mandalas, I decided to start with the seed of life, as I’m having a hard time. It is helping me to re balance my being. Thanks for sharing and for all what is on your enlightened videos. A hug,

  11. Hi
    The word is Namaste and means something along the lines of ‘the light/spirit in me bos to / greet/ respects the light/ spirit in you’
    It’s just a greeting with a higher spiritual vibration because on the intention behind it.

  12. Thanks for these videos. I watched them myself, and now I’m watching them again with my kids. Regarding namaste, it actually just means “obeisances (namah) unto you (te)”. The translation of oneness recognizing oneness is a rather forced interpretation.

  13. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which literally means Circle. It is also the name of an art form which is meditational/spiritual in nature. Virtually every culture the world has ever known has recognized the spiritual power of the Circle/Mandala.
    For thousands of pages of additional information, just drop “Mandala” in any search engine.
    Love and light,

  14. The word in question is “Namaste” which is a Sanskrit word. It is a greeting meaning, “The oneness within me recognizes the oneness within you”. This is the root concept of all holistic thought. . . We ARE One!

  15. If this was 75% of the teachings in our public schools,, nothing else would matter, and yet everything else would all make sense..

    Very awesome video and I wish I would have found it sooner.


  16. If you want to learn more about sacred geometry and the flower of life, this video is part of the series Spirit Science, check it out! it might paint this in a more complete picture watch?v=I7GJ-8SY068

  17. beautiful explanation.. just that ultimately there is such a thing as “universal wish” which is out of such a calculated mathematics geometric rational mind you love.. a wish that may or may not coincide with any rule and this for pure desire of been The One.. it has been said by Sri Ramakrishna that no one can understand what God is by reason so for me the best mandala is made out of all that secret geometry calculations in a velum paper wrapping a garbage can for me to through my notes..

  18. For a connection to some of the frequencies, Prime quadrouplets are a strange mathematical way to derive some of the frequencies, but I guess that may have something to do with a prime # being indivisable, and this can be found in the “The secret of the universe” about coral castle. I’m convinced there is something there, but it is still too large for my mind to get around. Wouldn’t it make sense that a solfeggio frequency might be used in levitating large rocks?

  19. charles please take one dose of lsd, when you have the alucinatory efects the aren’t random visions created by your brain, but it is how the tings work with the sacred geometry, you with your knolage need to study sacred geometry with lsd becouse it’s visions is your brain aplaying sared geometry in every thing who is in front of you, the plants, the planet, the the society, every living thing.
    Igor Toebe

  20. I am waiting for a connection to the solfeggio scale, a.k.a. the dna frequency. Also, is it true that if you insert the basic shape of the spiral, or tubal torus, in a tetrahedron and shine a light on it, the shadow will cast the letters of the hebrew alphabet?

  21. In Gratitude & LOVE for expressing beauty & Vibrational Consciousness of the UniVerse. You are accomplishing amazing works to all. Reposted it on FB recently.

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