Philip Glass – Sesame Street – Geometry of Circles

Read This for more information — Philip Glass composed this music for Sesame Street in 1979. It is not sampled from his other works. It has aired on Sesame Street as recently as 1994 and probably later. For the full details, see these articles on Muppet Wiki: The four known pieces have been edited together here for convenience. Since this was uploaded, Sesame Workshop has uploaded one of the four cartoons to their official channel on YouTube. You can find it here: Additionally, another short has been released on the vintage DVD collection Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days:

42 thoughts on “Philip Glass – Sesame Street – Geometry of Circles

  1. And then I saw the afterlife and it was composed of singing and shapes and colors. And the shapes sang to me and the colors spoke to me and I understood that the world was a dream composed of all things. And that to sing was to touch these colors of the afterlife.

  2. Do you recall that elevator having a black man in a pool tube, a bald man with his head on fire and a skeleton? Because I think I was there too.

  3. Most definitely. PG’s music uses short repeating themes layered on top of each other and slightly reworked each time. There is a famous knock knock joke:
    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Philip Glass
    Philip Glass who?
    Knock Knock

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