Musicians With Guns – Cometa (Mandelbox Version)

Short [Mandelbox] version of ‘Cometa’ by Musicians with Guns. Extract from ‘Using the laxian key’ CD album, to be release first quarter 2011 on Entropy Records. 3D fractal animation made with Mandelbulb 3D. A million thanks to Jesse, creator of this incredible program ! (Watch this using the player’s HD option if you can)

42 thoughts on “Musicians With Guns – Cometa (Mandelbox Version)

  1. Zooming in on 3-D mandelbulb simulations scares me. Phobia.

    Also vinyl records are no longer sold in music stores. They were in my youth, and we had shellac acoustic records at 78rp in my mother’s day, and in my grandmother’s time they still had wax cylinders.

  2. Are you the creator of this marvel? I am an electronic music composer and Pianist. Composed music for over 27 years and was always told that it should be for films. Let me know if you are interested I will direct you to sample of my music here on youtube. This new art form is truly astonishing. I have sifted through about 100 of works, or so & find yours to be in the top 4 favorites. This is Brilliant work of not only the Fractal patterns but also crisp lighting, color imaging & depth in detail.

  3. One of the better fractal videos out there. Excellent use of combining the camera techniques with the shapes. The depth of field really pushes this piece to the edge and you don’t see that a lot. Excellent work!!!

  4. iv just downloaded mandelbulber v1.00 i can make the shape and all, but how do i fly about it?
    could you make a video on how to do that or inbox me
    love the work by the way, these videos make me feel relaxed, and remind me somewhat of final fantasy worlds :)

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