Mandelbulb flight – the lava dome

Similar to the previous renders, but with updated visuals, where the iteration count determines the colour from gold – through grey obsidian and to self illuminating red&yellow lava. A red point light without occlusion has been added at the centre of the mandelbulb to give effect of illumination from the lava below. Volumetric yellow fog is computed, where iteration count determines the density of the fog. The flight path has been smoothed using Catmull Rom splines after many suggestions over at Render time was 1:48 (hours) using a pair of ATI Radeon HD 5850s, but setting up the flight path took considerably longer.

25 thoughts on “Mandelbulb flight – the lava dome

  1. I was listening radio and suddenly they played Aerosmith ant it remind me for the movie Armagedon.. Wow like the meteor they destroyed. Must upload it again with “dont wanna close my eyes……….cos i dont wanna miss a thing”

  2. No shit bro.. how many videos must we hear this song in!!?? Fuk. I liked it at first, but you’re right! Now it’s just damn OBNOXIOUS!

    Sweet video btw.. so long as you MUTE.

  3. Do us a favor and never, ever fucking use this music in a youtube video again. Seriously, it’s one of those tracks that was once awesome, and due to overuse became the bane of existence.

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