Mandelbox in water

Fractal animation rendered using Mandelbulber 1.10 Music from Youtube AudioSwap: Miami Nights Gareth Johnson, Justin Johnson © Copyright 2012 by Krzysztof Marczak My image gallery: please also visit

32 thoughts on “Mandelbox in water

  1. I didn’t know mandelbulber could do things like this. Maybe it’s worth my time learning this instead of mandelbulb3d. Any tutorials you know of?

  2. Love the new water effect but agree DOF blurring is distracting. YT Qual is limiting :( but with decent compression clarity is obtainable. Your other pieces have been impeccable!! keep up the great work and evolution of the program :)

  3. Still further, in the field of fractal technology. Software and the creative personality gives us even greater diversity of colors and designs. Bravo for this beautiful video production.
    Jacques de Vendée.

  4. @vadimippolitov, I had to add stron DOF blur, because with too much detail it will be not possible to post this video on YouTube with acceptable quality. Videos on YT have too low bitrate.

  5. I think that this one is too blurry. All along the way I was struggling to see the awesome details of the fractal and couldn’t because of the blurring. But thanks anyway for these videos! I’ll stay subscribed :)

  6. Very beautiful!

    But could someone please explain me, or conduct me to explanation of what is a mandelbox? Mandelcone? Mandelbulb? Before rendering, what at the root is this thing?


  7. God (the female one) bless the Polished Genius of Light and now Water in thyne animation endeavors. I always wonder if xlace is female or male but it’s not important.

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