10 thoughts on ““Lustre” – Mandelbox / Mandelbulb Flight

  1. Looks great, but why did you do the object disolve within the visual frame and then the phasing through the objects? Would have looked better if you had just did a normal fly-thru with everything solid. No dissolving. But that’s just my opinion. Still an excellent job.

  2. show you how i did it, it’s very useful. also, u can add motion blur in AE by using the CC Motion Blur effect. You would have to first blend the frames, set to highest quality for the motion blur effect to look right

  3. mandelbulber is the only program i’m familiar with right now. Im 100% with you on using after effects with this kind of stuff. I plan on integrating 3d fractals into motion graphics with after effects. Use any means to your disposal to create your vision bro. If youre familiar with photoshop, u can take a rendered frame into photo shop and add filers like diffuse and then use the “action” setting to record the photo manipulation and apply it to every frame. Msybe i’ll make a tut and —

  4. Thanks for your comment, glad you like it.
    Do you refer to mandelbulb3d or mandelbulber? this one was made in mandelbulb3, though i already made some videos in bulber.
    You are right, i used after effects, with a bit of colour grade towards the warm tones, a diffusion effect and a vignette. it seemed that after rendering for so long, i definetely wanted to make it stand out a little bit more.

  5. amazing work. beautiful lighting, awesome contrast. You definitely know what your doing. I haven’t figured out the damn key frame system yet. I’ve just gotten the animated flightpath thing down though. Did you use any post effects? like after effects? Kinda looks like you gave it a vignette mask with a light blur

  6. also ich finde den drone ambient oder was auch immer das jetzt genau ist, viel passender.
    Das Licht ist sehr schön in Stimmung gesetzt, allerdings gefiele es mir ein wenig besser, wenn das Ding nicht ganz so strahlend hell wäre

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