17 thoughts on “Into The Void

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  2. Dear Roger, !!! at the end when I saw that these are not computer generated images – they are string art! WOW. Getting the idea from the monitor of the computer, have you thought of turning your art into LIGHT? Doing the stringing within or on top of light boxes? Careful with the dyes on string not fading out because of the light; the biggest challenge. If you have not already realized, this artwork is made up of sacred geometry. Awe inspiring; God bless you for this. All is not as it seems. LEG

  3. Yes I produced all the artwork and music for this video.
    I have no musical training at all, and have only been making computer based music
    for about 4 years. I’ve currently produced 9 CD’s containing a mixture of styles from synth pop to classical.

  4. this is just ONE of the many way to make this kind of stuff…
    Step one: /watch?v=as8NGf_Y_Ks&feature=m­fu_in_order&list=UL
    Step two: /watch?v=3oOZGcL8jDI&feature=r­elated

  5. this is just ONE way to make this kind of stuff…
    Step one: /watch?v=as8NGf_Y_Ks&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
    Step two: /watch?v=3oOZGcL8jDI&feature=related

  6. Seriously cool!!! I’ve been getting into string art recently, but some of these have blown me away! I especially like the one at 2:20 So cool!!!

    I’ve been making wooden frames with nails and having a string image ‘in air’….these look to be on a board…i’ll have to give this a try for sure!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! =]

  7. is there maybe a site or something where can i get instructions on how to lay around pins and then how to wrap string around them
    i would apreciate answer
    greetings ;) 

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