Interview w/ Peter Sterling – The Merkabah, Vibrational Frequency, Sacred Geometry Patterns, by Q — Join me, Q from The Guru of You TV SHOW, as I interview Peter Sterling. He is a phenomenal being with many talents and abilities. During this interview, he plays beautiful music for us on his Sacred Harp, he shares with us information about The Merkabah, Vibrational Frequencies, Harmonic Sounds and Sound Healing, Sacred Geometric Patterns, and much more. Peter Sterling is a world renowned and respected Harpist and has beautiful music available on iTunes. Peter Sterling’s Website Thank you for watching, and please do share! With gratitude for you, Q The Guru of You TV Show http

18 thoughts on “Interview w/ Peter Sterling – The Merkabah, Vibrational Frequency, Sacred Geometry Patterns, by Q

  1. What I don’t get, is why we have henges and other wonders of the world such as the Nazca lines or the pyramids. To me, it seems that in the past, we accessed the gnosis quite easily and built what “God” told us to build. Today, we have crop circles, as if to acknowledge our loss of our 3rd eyes, showing us in our dimension what and where things need to be built. So if these aren’t hoaxes, why hasn’t anyone erected a monument on one of these things? Decent interview, listen more :) peace and love

  2. There is no junk DNA although after taking a good hard look at this world and all that we have done in the past it would not surprise me that our DNA is hindered a little so that we do not completely destroy ourselves and our planet. I also have the feeling that when we move away from our old ways of living and start coming together that we will be able to work out problems with DNA unlike how we are working out those problems today with Planned Parenthood and Fluoride drinking water.

  3. Very enlightening…i was very impressed with Peter’s strait forwardness and knowledge. he made this very easy to understand. Most interesting indeed

  4. Peter answered sooo many of the questions I’ve had about what’s happening and what’s going to happen. So thank you Peter for sharing! I have to find more of your teachings and follow them.You’re the only person I’ve found who understands what’s about to come down. Thanks!!!

  5. I am Shamanic word decoder and I find it interesting that numerologically speaking the words: Dormant DNA=104 and Unified field=104!;) Also, when you add 1+4=5 and 5 is the same numerical vibration as Kundalini!;) Interesting video, and I will check out his website!

  6. That’s where I saw him, Project Camelot. This was good to see. My consciousness certainly expanded when I changed my diet…what an amazing ride this is! Thanks Q.

  7. Haha! :) YouTube just upgraded my account, so now I can post videos longer than 15mins! No more need to break them up into multiple parts. He IS an amazing guy! Glad you enjoyed it! Have fun watching it again :)

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