22 thoughts on “Interdimensional Quantum Physics & Time Travel: Part 1: Sacred Geometry

  1. “Sit with a beautiful woman for an hour and it seems like a Minute, Sit on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an Hour-That’s Relativity” – Albert Einstein

    Scientists in Princeton, NJ in 2000 sent laser pulses thru Cesium vapor at 310 times lightspeed, showing that the notion that nothing can travel faster than light in a vacum is wrong.

    Scientists in US Naval observatory lab experiments routinely send particles much faster than light.

    Wish textbooks spoke of this ;D

  2. I cant tell you too much about his background, cause I dont know too much about him myself. Its really easy to find online tho. A lot of his writings were from like the 1920s-60s. As for where he got his information from, I don’t know. I’ve heard that he had connections with Tesla and Ed Leedskalnin though. Can’t say whether this is true or not though. Look into it tho please. I’d like to see what your thoughts are. Also, don’t forget about vortex math. It’s cool too! hahaha.

  3. No I have never heard of Walter Russell – I shall look into it when I have a moment and get back to you. My first question is what time period did Russell live and where did he get his information?

  4. I definitely believe in the ether. Have you heard of Walter Russell’s theories, or vortex math? I’m just starting to look into these, but I feel like there may be a connection between these two and quaternions. I don’t know enough about either of these three to really know what’s going on though. It’d be nice to hear your opinion. Thanks!

  5. Even if we don’t do anything to nature, we do. The abstract that we needn’t is we need to in order to help ourselves understand more. Communication and action is a moment of itself, and each moment is based upon a change which is the only constant of the universe. Integration is the colliding multiverse of all your linked to. This isn’t really an illusion, but a reflection of a reflection. Diversity is needed to see that it is you who see the opposite for being the abstract.

  6. I know how to we can integrate time travel and antigravity, it’s called integrating logic with expression to where both hemispheres are actively working together, just as a new job that intrigues you- activity, then becomes repetitive because of a reflective void known as the left hemisphere, this for most. To integrate beneficial advancements is to integrate ourselves as a diverse system within a singularity. Integrated Logic is our future,

  7. Good question. Read James Clerk Maxwell’s original papers (written by him) regarding electro-magnetics. Note that he is using “quaternion equations”, not the reduced equations that are in all “standard” text-books on electromagnetics these days. He is taking into consideration the “ether” that all ancients scientists took into consideration. Even Einstein, until this concept was considered superfluous. The point is, that moderns just forgot what this concept was referencing.

  8. The way to master time is not that difficult to imagine. In the dimension of time (which is really just an aspect of animal sensory perception). , we have very limited directional freedom. That is because of how our consciousness works. It’s the illusion of duality. But nature is symmetrical. It is our consciousness that is not. We have to change the way we perceive is all, we needn’t do anything to nature itself.

  9. So the trick then is understanding how your consciousness awareness differs, in that it gives “direction” to contrast that would otherwise be symmetrical…

  10. Technically, it is “not” impossible to go backwards. In fact, this is just the point. Technically, what happens on one side of an equation also happens on the other side and visa versa. One can always move backwards or forwards in an equation; that is, mathematically. Just so in reality. It’s just that our imaginations have been hindered by the reduction of the Oliver/Heavyside quaternion equations. Something Nikola Tesla never abided by.

  11. technically its impossiple to time travel since theres really no way to make the earth move backwards whuich dictates time an dother things but even then youd just probably fuck up the orbit of the planet or something

  12. Very good point. However, remember that Nikola Tesla, a brilliant mathematician and the inventor of most of our modern technology – and future technology, for that matter – always designed his inventions in his “mind’s eye” first. Only when he could actually turn the inventions on in his head would he then attempt to build the invention. He was most likely autistic and had amazing visual capaciiy. Vision should not be underrated. Like possibilities in Math, it counts – perhaps, infinitely so.

  13. Perhaps a way of tracking infinity, time, or the movement of energy. For the ancients, number was not distint from Form and was both a description of form and thought. Numbers had connections with language. Every number had a letter associated with it and visa versa.

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