Fuller Jitterbug Geometry – Jain Mathemagics

In this video, Jain shows Buckminster Fuller’s Jitterbug Geometry and how it can have pressure put on two parallel triangles in a way that creates a very cool “bouncing twist motion,” alternating the direction of the twist/spin each time it get squeezed. This motion-geometry “contains” the geometry for the Cubeoctahedron, the icosahedron, the octahedron, the 4 sided pyramid, and the tetrahedron. Very impressive. This is probably my favorite bit of knowledge about any geometry I have ever found. Enjoy. If you want to try this at home and buy the cube-octahedron with bendable vertexes, the same kind which was used in the video, check out bfi.easystorecreator.com Learn more about this and other geometries at: ~ Vid @ www.youtube.com ~More Great Videos!@ www.newciv.org ~Pix and Info @ www.angelfire.com ~ vid @ www.youtube.com ~ vid @ www.youtube.com I don’t own this video and if you like it, please check out and consider purchasing Jain’s DVDs at www.jainmathemagics.com – I think this is from the 3-d solids DVD and you can watch the rest of this video on the DVD. Find out more about what is on the DVDs by watching the preview video for the DVDs at www.youtube.com Thanks for viewing!

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