From The Outer Space – Fractal Visual TRANCE – mandelbox , mandelbulb, mandelbrot

… through the stars to space … (Visual Music) – YouTube version.. ATTENTION !!! SET 720p HD FOR NORMAL VIDEO QUALITY !!! Math and music generated experimental video; screened at film festivals: Hamilton film Festival: Sandpoint Films Festival 2011 http Short description of the video: ——————————————- ” .. Approaching to a mysterious planet, we saw the lightning hit the surface and suddenly everything went black, and only an alien volcanic lava illuminates our path. And he brought this way to the infinite whirlpools. It seems this will not end, but a mysterious object and the hand gave us a new way. Leaving this planet, we found a space with an incredible life-form: it was either a dance or a song of this creature, or warning, but then it turned into a huge surface of the underwater landscape !!! Great was our surprise when suddenly appeared in front of us an luminous castle and then rain came down on us, forced us to hurry up and find shelter among strange buildings. And when the storm passed us, we were to meet an alien popped up, which opened the way for us to lead the flower of striking beauty…. ” Video Production: ArkGrb – Studio AGB Music style: Trance and Classic composition 3D Fractal Visual Music ——————————— Tools: Musical Mandelbulber and ISO Bulb, After Effects Shapes: mandelbox , mandelbulb , ISO mandelbulb , mandelbrot surface For downloading Mandelbrot 3D routine in Matlab

25 thoughts on “From The Outer Space – Fractal Visual TRANCE – mandelbox , mandelbulb, mandelbrot

  1. I have NEVER seen the inside of a mandelbulb. This is excellent, very cool and I love it. Thank yo for your lovely comment and for sharing this magnificent vid!

  2. This is truely a brilliant field of interest, this Marriage is the destination of our future, you are on the threshold, of mankind embarking on a wholemindedness of all connection, This was highly absorbing with music,color,spectrums,continue to explore and travel the innermind journey,Im on board for more myself and watch how you grow. Im more into Trance so the last quarter had my undivided attentions.

  3. The sudden end of this was like I fell off of a cliff! Not where I thought I was being led. Other than that I loved it! I guess I just really didn’t want it to end.

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