30 thoughts on “Flight through Mandelbox fractal

  1. This looks a lot like Elenin when it gets here . How neat to see it from this view point . In the distance in the back ground is Nibiru at 3 x the size of a large gas giant ! The sound is most interesting when you think about what will come to pass when it gets here. The variation of the fractal mass of a object at 105,000 mph passing out of the solar system is instantaneous destruction of a planet in orbit of a sun and a moon ! It will be here very soon and it will be awesome site for sure !

  2. What you see there is a Bhuddabrot. It is similar to a Mandelbrot, but it is rendered quite differently. It is rendered by taking 2D slices of the 4D analogue of the Mandelbrot and overlaying them (look for the slight “onionskinning” on the outlines of the Bhuddabrot).

  3. You may be interested by Unity3D it’s an engine that can do mesh creation, realtime, as well as shaders, physics, you can run games you make on it in wii iphone pc linux etc, its amazing

  4. the only 3D fractal generator that allows export of .obj meshes, that I know of, is Xenodream, which is a very interesting tool. But Xenodream cannot generate Mandelbulb/boxes.

  5. stunning video!
    I am playing around with Mandelbulb now and I was wondering: How do you get those smooth metallic surfaces? i can’t get rid of unneccecary detail…
    Great software btw. My compliments!

  6. sorry about the snide style was in that mood again, I feel better now and will start work on the machines that might create things like that in real time :)
    - teach love always -

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