First DVD in The World on Vedic Maths 1_of_2 by Jain 108

This is Sample 1 of a 4 hour DVD entitled “Vedic Mathematics” available either as a high quality DVD or a medium quality video download from my website. This is an exciting journey into the language of vedic or galactic mathematics which gives you secret tips on how you and your child can become a mathematical genius! This dvd is historical in that it was the first comprehensive composition of all the Vedic Sutras put together in one compilation. This is Jain 108′s main product and has helped millions of people around the world to get excited about another system of calculation. It was launched at the same time when Jain released his first article on Vedic Mathematics in Nexus Magagazine, which went to millions of people in 2002 and translated into 6 languages. The original article is available on his website: Topics covered in the full 4 hour DVD include:- Enjoy! For more information, please go to:- Namaste Jain108

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