Dan Winter – Real Fractal Plasma Science – 2012 Story – Part 1

Plasma Physics and NASA data show a solar storm coming up. Dan Winter eloquently explains the implications and physics behind it. Based of fractality and sacred geometry, the golden mean ratio one can finally comprehend some of the great ancient stories when spirituality was not separate from science. Shamans all over the world recorded the cycles of time and the nine-fold enneagram, Sri Yantra and so forth giving clues about the energetic outline of the universe and our body. Sound magic and properties / origins of sacred shapes and Alphabets is also discussed briefly. Links to the most recent and interesting works of Dan Winter: goldenmean.info/goldenproof goldenmean.info/carringtonevent goldenmean.info/endingreligionwars goldenmean.info/implosionmovies

15 thoughts on “Dan Winter – Real Fractal Plasma Science – 2012 Story – Part 1

  1. lol, of course it gets into nonscientific jibberish… You’re talking about auras and things like plutonic solids being the foundation of orbits… I mean, really? You’re proving your points by comparing paintings and altered pictures? Am I the only person here that studies science?

  2. Can I ask where this can be confirmed using the standard model and not the electric universe model? It seems like the electric universe theory is just nonsense.

  3. Truth: NASA speaks as if they have credibility: You NASA are nothing but liars; you say this now because honest Russia confirms the truth; you are nothing but “the boy who cry wolf” now: CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Perhaps because your best friends, these past centuries, are the evil Jesuits of Rome which have made ye filthy liars like them!!! Walking man on the moon, or walking man on the moon with “universal studio type” shooting with spots light falling down?

  4. Dan, i think your a fractal genius. thanks for enlightening us all with your wisdom. i see that our oppressors got to your website. is there any hope?

  5. also posted here on my blog:


    if you get overwhelmed with stuff you think is too ‘sci-fi’ (part 1) or ‘conspiracy theory’ (part 2), you can probably jump to 1:48:00 time index to see where it starts with solutions.


    this should be streaming i think. It is quite the watch…

  6. Some ppl in mainstream science would shun this guy, he’s on to something, I wonder if that’s why he was kicked out the United States for telling the truth, I;am gonna study him closer, now I see why he was banned, all of his materials he’s talking about was given merit by Hollywood movies, they know what’s gonna happen, they are just not telling us. Just check all the doomsday movies that have been out.

  7. somehow my minds depths say that this is in some unhealthy way related to HAARP which if u have not heard about , then you should definately look into.

  8. Well Dan always sais “Don’t just go into nature, run for it!” I guess when the shit hits the fan being in an ‘urban environment’ could be really dangerous. Think of the raids in L.A. or any other place that saw civil unrest after one or more systems failed; like governments, power & food supply etc. Get out as long as you can would be my suggestion. Cities are dead by design anyways, all the concrete and electric pollution plus the toxins in the air. Just saying…

  9. Well if you live in a large city (250,000 population) or more, then living without electricity is very difficult, getting fresh drinking water being the greatest challenge. Best bet is to move to a piece of land that you can get a water well on, and a good outhouse or compost toilet, root cellar to keep food cool, some gardening, and human or other powered generators, etc… It is a major challenge but a rewarding one.

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