Cymatics- Sacred geometry formed by sound

Being that everything is made of protons and electrons we can conclude that everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. This video demonstrates how sound frequency can form matter into shapes. Dr. Len Horowits has studied and found that this sacred geometry these frequencies produce are integral parts of like and how frequencies especially 528hz the love frequency can be used to repair the dna of our cells. To delve deeper into this check out hydrosonics or the concert for the living water. Also watch Dr. Horowitz lecture on infectous diseases and what the live H20 event is all about coming up on June 21 and 22nd. Tune your music to 528hz.

27 thoughts on “Cymatics- Sacred geometry formed by sound

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  2. , the patterns would be the same, but if you put the crystal in yourself and stare at a white paper with a consistent ammount of black dots on it as they run that sound in your ears you might get VERY special visual effects. ;)

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