Crop Circles according to Physicist Nassim Haramein.

Nassim Haramein is a Physicist and one of the great thinkers of our day. This is a short clip from an eight hour lecture he gave years ago. I posted this because the information given in regard to the crop circles is stunning to say the least. These crop circles many have not even heard of much less seen and have significant importance to how humankind perceives itself. In truth an alien message for all to see, not just the governments or SETI’s of the planet. Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003. Part 1:

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  1. but you are not an E.T. (not exactly anyway…) and crop circles are available to “the people” not just the telescope operators. all life is important not just the life that graduated college or is into science. crop circles are not bond to politics or country and that is an important message in itself.

  2. not every scientist knows they are hoax’s because not every circle is a hoax. but you are free to think that the same way you are free to walk through life with your blinders on.

  3. Every scientist who seriously starts talking about crop circles made by aliens loses all credibility . Every scientist knows it are hoax’s , mostly crated by students or others who make bets to gain publicity .

  4. He doesn’t make out that he is respected, in quite a few of his lectures he jokes about working with retired physicists because he is on the fringe, and not accepted by mainstream science although he does paint the picture to indicate that his fringe status is changing.

  5. I concur. All of these ‘alternative thinkers’… Hmm… All baloney.
    A lot of them link their ludicrous ‘theories’ to the mayan calender. So convenient!
    This guy says’ the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun’. I’m not kidding! Search up top.
    LOL he just said, “THEY are talking to us”. He’s promoting baloney or a quack… My bullshitter alert is ringing way too loud. Delusional or out for fame using psuedo junk? I choose answer 2 with a pinch of answer 1.

  6. do you mean 10:38? if yes, i was going to post that lecture soon but havent had the time, because it is over eight hours, but if you search nassim haramein you can find it. i will post it here too, thank you.

  7. I think it is interesting that the Arecibo Message reply was formatted as a replica of the punch-card spat out by the computer that sent the signal and that the face beside it is Carl Sagan’s Face in digital format as would have be the result of decoding a television image signal.

  8. Interesting ideas. I looked into Nassim and he’s not so well respected as he makes out. BUT science hasnt given us the explanations we desire, religion hasnt either, philosophy has struggled too.
    Face it. no human alive now has given us a unified theory of everything.
    All I know is we know next to nothing.

  9. Nassim may propose ideas that you have never considered, but his ideas are not based on facts. He makes stuff up, completely out of the blue, and then he talks about those made-up ideas as if they were facts. He builds his conversation one lie on top another.

    What he says produces no action or change in the world in any real way. He does, however, inspire both hope and fear in people. The reason he does these talks is to make money—not to save humanity.

    Check out his credentials. Bogus.

  10. That’s a brilliant intellectual argument. If you want be anything other than a sheep, you’re going to have to develop some critical thinking skills. Good luck.

  11. This guy is not a ‘great thinker’ by any stretch of the imagination. The “information” he presents here is all interpretation. There is nothing here to indicate that this is a reply from anybody other than imaginative prankster humans. It is NOT a binary code. It is not a “blueprint of their technology.” This guy will say whatever he thinks will make you hire him to speak at your event or buy his books. Stop being so gullible.

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