Chartres Cathedral: sacred geometry (1/5)

This extraordinary documentary film explores one of the most beautiful and mysterious cathedrals in the world, the famous Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France. Filmed by an acclaimed BBC cameraman, it features haunting images and beautiful music, and advances challenging theories and discoveries by Professor Keith Critchlow, a leading expert in sacred architecture who has studied the mysteries of Chartres Cathedral for over forty years. Also featured is Malcolm Miller, author and longtime cathedral guide. Forty-four magnificent stained-glass windows, including three rose windows, tell the story of the world from creation to the day of judgment. The 12th Century labyrinth in the nave paving is the largest and best preserved surviving example of a medieval labyrinth in France. Who were the architects, the so called Masters of the Compasses? Where did they get the courage and confidence to build such a complex and magnificent cathedral as Chartres? This extraordinary documentary will inspire all students of architecture, religious studies and the mysteries of life.

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  2. Wow ! I’m impressed at your knowledge. I do hope to get a tour of Chartres by Keith Critchlow himself … do you know anything of his whereabouts?

  3. Wouldn’t go to far with the chakra hypothesis. D. Turnbull (“Masons, Tricksters and Cartographers, London 2003″) shows in his 2nd chapter about Chartres (“How the masons built Chartres without a plan”) that the cathedral was an laboratory and used local knowledge (shapes and grommets) over the centuries. Strange is, that this shapes and signs are still used nowadays, e.g. the Coca Cola logo or the Schwipp Schwapp shape. We still live inside the lab, some called EDEN long ago.

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  5. Salut and hi! I wonder if there is anyone who could answer for my question: Where the two column of the western facade of the BASILIQUE SAINT-RÉMI came from? They are spoliums, that means those things were already used in an architect, but are you the genius who knows where???, because I’d really like to know! Thnx! Merci!!

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