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Raising Eden Part 14 – Crop Circles , Sacred Gemoetry and 2012 ( Featureing Charles Gilchrist )

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Sacred Geometry 101C: The Sacred Languages

Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred Geometry (form). Special attention to the static and dynamic aspects of Sacred Geometry. Special thanks to Sandy Stewart for the crystal bowl Sacred Sounds: For more details on Sacred Geometry: go to our very expansive Sacred Geometry website:

Charles Gilchrist – Sacred Geometry – Vesica Piscis (2)(THE LANGUAGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS series)

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Bill Donahue, Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry Supernova 1987A

This is a short clip from Bill Donahue, Let them be for signs and it correlates with Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis I also cut a video about supernova 1987a in this short clip for fullness of the presentation.