Bernhard Riemann: The Habilitation Dissertation

How Bernhard Riemann’s 1854 Habilition Dissertation re-defined the nature of geometry, physics, and the human mind. Often wrongly considered as simply a mathematician, Riemann places Mind at the center of science, and his programmatic outlook requires that any serious scientist study the creative process itself. Jason Ross presents Riemann’s work and its implications. See for more.

Structure of the Vacuum, Torsion Physics and Fractal Geometry 3 of 7

Original Upload projectmoses69 The signs are everywhere, all you have to do is be willing to see them. When you learn to think for yourself you will begin to see the world as it actually is and not what you have been told it is. There is more potential in the human mind than you can ever imagine

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Original Upload projectmoses69 In the pursuit of science and religion there remains only one truth. Are you prepared to accept that truth if discovered even if it goes against eveything you currently believe? What if mankinds true history has been intentionaly hidden for thousands of years by elite groups that fear your true potential? What if the past revealed that ancient humans were far more advanced than you’ve been taught?

Cédric Villani – Breaking the Walls between Economics, Physics and Geometry@Falling Walls 2011

Villani shows the link between the apparently unrelated theory of optimal transport and the concept of curvature, arising from non-Euclidean geometry, and playing a key role in Einstein’s theory of general relativity. This is a story where physics, economics and geometry intertwine and lead to applications such as the improvement of efficiency in the transportation of goods.

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Original Publication from projectmoses69 All over the world mysterious symbols are being discovered that may hint to an ancient advanced knowledge that quite possibly may explain biblical divine powers and supernatural manifestations. Has mankinds true history been intentionally hidden from the public? Prepare to embark on a journey that will question your belief in ancient history and the structure of the universe.