Breaking the Maya Code #4: The Maya Calendar

In the late 19th century, Ernst Forstemann works out the many cycles of the Maya calendar. This is one of 8 scenes available on YouTube from the 2-hour documentary film Breaking the Maya Code, a 400-year history of the Maya decipherment that has won 5 Best Documentary awards at international film festivals. For more on the film and the Maya script go to or to buy the film on DVD go to

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  1. am i the only person who knows how to explain things. doesnt the video maker think we would like to know when the creation date is in our Gregorian calender?

  2. LOL well I could just answer: DNA! But I could also elaborate on historic theory: We need evidence to support the theory and what evidence have you got? Everything EVERYTHING speaks against it. There is NOTHING to support any idea of ‘Atlantis’ in the sense you mean, you have no cultural or technological context to support your idea of world travelling Basque groupings, and finally, the Mayan calendar is completely adorned with Mayan symbols, not Basque cave drawings?

  3. the 2012 talk of this is a buch of shit you build a piramid from the inside out what is marked on the inside of the stones in the inside of the piramid? no one knows.

  4. The DNA of “Native Americans” on the East coast of N. Americas was already haflf white when Columbus landed.

    Theres a mural in Chitchin Itza, Mexico called “Temple of the Warriors.” It shows whites being led off to be sacrificed at the hands of Aztecs.

    Educate yourselves.

  5. Read: “Across Atlantic Ice” by Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley on Amazon. This carefully reserached book explains the how the first Americans, the Basque, came to N.America, and the tools they used.

    The Windover bog mummies of Florida were white. All 140 of the mummies were over 7,000 years old. Good thing the bodies of the mummies and DNA were examined before the Indians angrily demanded they be handed over. They would have destroyed the evidence. They could have kept up the lie.

  6. How did you get that crazy idea? what makes you think the basque were there when we came over the bering? what makes you think the calendar was created by the Basque? Or are you just taking the piss?

  7. 08/13/3114 B.C 1st Year Creation (3760 Jewish 1st Year)
    12/21/2012 A.D 5126 Current Years (5772 Jewish Year)
    08/13/3886 A.D 7000 End (3240 is Jewish 7k Year)
    Mayan Calendar/ Jewish Calendar. Note God created earth in 7 days. If im correct earth will be around for 7k years, The last 1k years the revelation speaks of the Golden Age of peace then the final battle will be fought and Earth will end. The Mayans? calendar starts 3114 B.C Notice the Jewish Calendar is 646 days ahead of Mayans.

  8. The Mayans are still alive but didn’t finish the calender and won’t explain it because they didn’t create the calender. The Basque did.
    The Basque were the native peoples of the Americas. They were the remnants of Atlantis. When the Siberians crossed the Bering Strait into the Americas, the Basque were already here, The Siberians eventually killed them all off, and established themselves as the “Native Americans.”
    The Spanish coming back brought everything full circle.

  9. We all saw the shit about leap years but the Mayans didn’t have the exact length of a day we did… Their perception of time was not minutes days hours months weeks… I think the scientists who said its dec 21 2012 accounted for the leap years… You fcking morons thus are concluding the Mayans would predict Jesus coming and us basing our year system on his creation/death… I seriously hope the Mayans are right… Too many dumb people

  10. wow line up on 52 year cle on a cube are opposites and these number in square design are the same this is a passag..e comepare thus 52 is the numberologic letter count of the number six=52 and man is 1/4 and the long mayan count of 6 man is 25625 same number and crete onthe cube design tringle

  11. There have been about 514 leap years since caesar created it in 45b.c. Without the extra day every 4 years, today would be July 2013. Also the Mayan calendar did not account for Leap year so technically the world should have ended 7 months ago….. I’m just saying

  12. There have been about 514 leap years since caesar created it in 45b.c. without the extra day every 4 years today would be july 29 2013

    Also the Mayan calendar did not count leap year so the world would have ended about 7 months ago

    this coming from the people that couldnt even predict the end of their own race

  13. something to think about- the mayans didn’t have leap years, if we didn’t have them then it would be july 2013 now, so the world would have ended seven months ago :)

  14. It really makes me mad when people say the end of the mayan calender is the end of the world. People dont do enough research; the spanish were colonizing south and central america around the time that the calender was thought to have ‘ended’. Even if this theory is off by a little, the mayans were also losing resources to quickly and population was growing to fast and that caused many to die of hunger of die of lack of basic survival fundamentals.

  15. I ask all good people to see the videos by 777ALAJE and help yourself and the world become a little better, kinder and lighter) Love and Light to you and your family)

  16. Many cultures the world over (including Europeans) practiced human sacrifice as well. In certain places sacrifices only stopped with the advent of Christianity. The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas might have been bloodthirsty and warlike, but they made pretty good calendars. On top of that if you have ever eaten tacos, burritos or nachos then you are paying homage to the Aztecs… it’s their food!

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