Biophotons Popp Interview Part 1 (Part 2 cannot be found anywhere! Only the transcript)

Biophoton emission. New evidence for coherence and DNA as source. “The phenomenon of ultraweak photon emission from living systems was further investigated in order to elucidate the physical properties of this radiation and its possible source. We obtained evidence that the light has a high degree of coherence because of (1) its photon count statistics, (2) its spectral distribution, (3) its decay behavior after exposure to light illumination, and (4) its transparency through optically thick materials. Moreover, DNA is apparently at least an important source, since conformational changes induced with ethidium bromide in vivo are clearly reflected by changes of the photon emission of cells. The physical properties of the radiation are described, taking DNA as an exciplex laser system, where a stable state can be reached far from thermal equilibrium at threshold.” Biophoton emissions from cell cultures: biochemical evidence for the plasma membrane as the primary source. Does DNA Emit Light? “What Popp discovered was that benzo[a]pyrene (the cancer producing molecule) absorbed the UV light, then re-emitted it at a completely different frequency — it was a light “scrambler”. The benzo[e]pyrene (harmless to humans), allowed the UV light to pass through it unaltered. Popp was puzzled by this difference, and continued to experiment with UV light and other compounds. He performed his test on 37 different

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