Bill Donahue, Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry Supernova 1987A

This is a short clip from Bill Donahue, Let them be for signs and it correlates with Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis I also cut a video about supernova 1987a in this short clip for fullness of the presentation.

6 thoughts on “Bill Donahue, Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry Supernova 1987A

  1. Depends on what you lick or kick.
    A dutch football is as round
    as how the eyes see
    and with the third
    I a gree,
    some times it feels and lookes like A fried egg
    in a black frozen pan

  2. It is tempting too go to sleep, with a hypnoticed spaces on screen
    Bud as Bill asked I offer him my help
    And what is more, the tree and three pointed star with four given corners
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    Maybe a L ion,
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  3. Gilchrist, you are the man. TruthSurge, shut up, and quit mocking what he is doing. You are not funny, this man is extremely talented and incredibly intelligent.

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