A scientific reason for sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry must have a scientific reason and represent something in the physical Universe. In a new theory sacred geometry represents the dynamics of light and time. Light always moves in straight lines and in three dimensional space will form light spheres. Sacred geometry therefore represents a dynamic universal process of symmetry forming and breaking on the quantum level of the atoms. We will see and feel this as the forward motion of time and as the Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics. Related videos on Sacred Geometry: Introduction To Sacred Geometry www.youtube.com Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatron’s Cube www.youtube.com Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis www.youtube.com Sacred Geometry 101F (Part 1): The Golden Mean www.youtube.com Sacred Geometry: Map Of Time www.youtube.com Sacred Geometry 101D: Concentric Circles www.youtube.com

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  2. -so, what you mean is that science has not yet been able to identify and collaborate a formula to describe the relationship. That IS a devil in the details.

  3. This theory is based on observations and because Dark Matter as never been observed it has not been incorporated in this theory. It is the same with Dark Energy, Big Bangs and parallel universes or dimensions. It is not that these things exist or not it is just that this theory can explain the forward passage of time without such things

  4. Einstein’s general relativity beautifully explains gravity in the form of geometry of curved spacetime. But does not explain how energy or mass distorts spacetime to form this curvature. In this theory the curvature is formed by photons forming the continuous symmetry of the forward passage of time that form the geometry or curvature of spacetime. We see the future photon by photon or moment by moment.

  5. Starting around 5:15+ you speak of Universal Symmetry. In fact, there is no universal symmetry between gravity and electromagnetic forces as you claim, otherwise we would have a Unified Theory by now. The formula you quote are approximations for gravitation & was replaced by a more accurate theory called Relativity created by Einstein. The devil is in the details.

  6. Yes it does restate Einstein’s theories on relativity but it also goes further explaining the past and a future as a scientific process continuously unfolding. In this process every object including living things can affect the geometry of spacetime relative to their energy or mass. Therefore we have free-will to create our own future moment by moment or photon by photon.

  7. It’s basically a restating of Einstein. That information can only be conveyed at the speed of light in space time, nothing faster, and nothing separate from that geometric radiation since no information can otherwise be translated, and so propagating those geometries on matter. Cool.

  8. No this is a new interpretation and is based on the mathematics we already have. The irrational number pi is in the equation for Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle representing the spherical shape of the wave function. I believe there is nothing wrong with our mathematics only the interpretation is wrong.

  9. Thanks! This is a good point Chaos was born out of symmetry at the quantum level. Evolution would never have started if it was the other way round all we would ever have had is chaos. We have time independent quantum mechanics when an individual atom is not undergoing any chemical change. But we also have time dependent quantum mechanics when the atoms are bonding together forming our own spacetime geometry.

  10. In this theory the laws of physics is the same everywhere and at every level therefore what applies to the Universe will also apply to you so it is like karma. In this theory there is an infinite number of time dimensions whatever you do in life you will need three dimension and one variable of time. The time variable will only be relative to you and the things you say and do!

  11. Thanks for the comment! I believe in evolution and that it had a mathematical base formed by the dynamics of light and time a continuous process of symmetry forming and breaking. We live in a dynamic creating Universe and we are part of the creating force.

  12. Nickharvey , I love your videos, paintings, images , and theory. Our eyes are direct extentions of our brains as are all senses. Could such a complex optical system
    Evolve from nothing or cone from a devine source?

  13. It’s interesting that some people say that time can’t have geometry and symmetry, yet there is four dimensional space-time, perhaps more than one time dimension. It’s also interesting that in Newton’s third law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. reminds me a bit of the law of karma, except applied in the universe. that’s also interesting that the lines of the fibonacci spiral is similar to seashells. it’s amazing how the universe seems mathematically designed.

  14. Interesting video about Quantum Atom Theory…specailly that time has its own geomety for each individual…Also its interesting to see symmetry in place of Chaos even at such atomic levels…
    good luck with promotion of your theory friend…

  15. Exactly smushin statements like your last lines are why i would like to see this theory advance. Cause it is intuitive and explanatory.. yet somehow.. Natural.!

  16. Thanks for this! I would just like to point out that in this theory the Universe is an infinity because time is an infinite process therefore something only has to have a chance of happening to be a mathematical certainty.

  17. You are probably right mathematics is a poor and distorted reflection but it is all we have. Maybe it is incomplete just like our understanding of the Universe.

  18. Nice. But thats both bad and good. Good cause I did not expect anything actually innovative in theoretics from a standard scientist (am I bad?) and bad cause it leaves you with no links to academics and less chance to write some formulas and form a theory thats ready for peer review. But from the bottom of my heart I wish you Good Luck. And who knows maybe someone connected runs into your most interesting theory. Well I hope, cause they are getting mental with M-theory and stuff..

  19. I have no background in physics I am an artist and poet and the ideas of this theory came out of my poetry. Very odd really but I have also based these ideas on the work of people like Newton that have stood the test of time.

  20. Well my meaning of Harmonic is a bit abstract and hardly connects with any current philosophy. But I get what you mean. In any case, I believe i have an ear for good ideas, and yours sounds like one. You should push it to the next level.

  21. I also believe in some kind of harmonic Universe You should look at Harmonic Theory on You Tube it is very interesting. I am not into Philosophy and I believe this theory only looks like Philosophy because there was an evolutionary advantage in seeing time as linear (arrow of time). But time has the geometry of spacetime therefore this theory should be pure Physics.

  22. Thanks for the comment! I feel that mathematics and geometry are only abstract if we do not understand them. Mathematics is man made and is only a reflection of geometry and the world around us.

  23. Because after all you may have run into the sollution for most theoretical paradoxes with this Theory. And since I myself believe in some sort of harmonic Universe, this theory strikes me as the best combination of Philosophy and Physics.

  24. Surely many people watch Youtube, and maybe there is a chance someone with the skills watches it. But unfortunately the Scientific community is both snobish and highly busy. And even when they run into something good, they rarely pay attantion if its not signed by a known scientist. I think you probably need to act apart form Youtube aswell. So how did you come up with this Theory? What sort of training do you have on Physics? You certainly dont seem clueless.

  25. I dont think I will ever be able to put this forward for peer review myself. I hope that sooner or later someone will see it that has had an education in physics and will be in a position to promote the theory. Over seventy thousand people have seen this theory on You Tube and that number can only grow therefore it is only a matter of time!

  26. Hey man, I have watched your videos on this, and it is most intruiging. When or how do you think this will be ready for peer review? I mean you will never get the means to get this proven by yourself. And you alone can never adapt all equations and laws to include or belong in your Theory. Yuo are bound to get it peer reviewed at some point. Have you thought of that?

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